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Get Over It, I Did, and still having fun


I have notice several threads on this subject of Virtual caches. Around where I am from I am kinda known at the virtual ( 30 of them ) king and I have some of the lamest of them all but they were for a good reason I thought. At first they were declined but later approved after a little explaining because they were done especially for cachers in wheelchairs and kids visiting our local Zoo. With that said let me say that in mid February I had three more declined ( not for the Zoo ) , they referenced me to the guidelines and I began to under stand what they were trying to do.


I realized with the help of a local cacher there are really only three kind of caches (1) a puzzle cache where the cache owner wants to see if you can solve it. (2) A unique way of hiding a cache container of some kind and (3) something they want you to see that they think is cool. So instead of just doing another maybe lame virtual cache in the cache description I tell them where they are going and why and if it sounds interesting to them they can go or not. There is a micro hidden at all of these ( Silver Bullet Series ) to find and log, but are near by to what I want them to see.


I know I am begging to get flamed here, but I would like you tell me if and am all wet. I have been told that I have wrong before

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Originally posted by Renegade Knight:


Whoops. Clearly I'm FUBAR on this. So 1600 find and only three types? Clearly your area has a complete lack of creativity.


No, not really. BTW, with 1600 finds, do you really think "his area" consists of a limited set of placers?


Why does anyone ever hide a cache? It's usually to show a person a place (climb to the top of the scenic vista. Oh, and find a box while you're there. Trek out to an area time has forgotten. Oh, and sign the pill bottle.) or to show a person a hiding technique. (Figure out how to retrieve the altoids box from the park bench while someone is sitting on it without getting arrested or show a devious use of a crowbar[note 1].)


Of course there are zillions of variations, but in my limited experience, the majority of good caches fall into one of those two categories - the placer is highlighting either a place or a technique.


[1] Yes, I've done one that required a crowbar...

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