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Difficulty, Terrain....what about Perils!?


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I wish we could have a "perils" icon on the cache pages! I am pretty brave about outdoor perils, but this weekend just about did me in. We went looking for a cache and there were spider webs as big as 20-50 feet wide with giant ( as big as my hand) multi colored spiders in the middle of each web.


This was terrifying! And no one mentioned these spiders in ANY logs!


How about icons for: spiders, snakes, poison ivy, thorns, scorpions, aligators?

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Its been mentioned before to have attributes on the cache pages just for this reason. There is a place/site out there where you can download this images and implement them via html but am not sure what the URL is for that site.


I would have to think that any animal danger would fluctuate as they move.




Caching without a clue....

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Or you could just jump and scream and assume every spider is a wolf spider icon_smile.gif

Originally posted by Greenback:

I'm in Illinois and Spiders are a big deal right now and have been for about a month or so. But as soon as the first frost (or is it freeze?) hits then the forests will be ours again. If you carry a stick and wave it in front of you as you walk you'll look a little geekier but you'll take out the webs.

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