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  1. Hi from Texas. We will be visiting the hubby's folks in Merrick. Since we will be borrowing a car, we need to make the most of our car time. Which caches are the best in the Merick/Bellmore/Baldwin areas? Also what are things native to area that we should watch for, ie. ticks, snakes etc? ( Hubby was city boy, not much out in woods except at sleep away camp) Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply...actually this was on an old Travel Bug find. I was just wondering what I would do if it happened again.
  3. I found a travel bug and moved it on the same day. I came home to log it and found that the previous finder and mover never logged it so I could not post that I found it in the cache I found it in, or that I moved it. How do you post a find on a Travel Bug that has an incomplete log to keep it going??
  4. Does anyone know of a book or anything online that has a county or city by city etc. listing of historical landmarks? These are some of my favorite caches.
  5. El D, I understand what you mean... If any of them are hooked, I 'll email you! Becki
  6. The worst used stuff I saw was used play dough! Yuk.. But what is junk to some, is treasure to others. My boys are to old for most of the McD toys so I save them up. Some people collect them. A dollar store near me bought out a bunch of Zainy Brainy inventory. I left a 30 dollar game boy adaptor ( which I bought new for 1.) in a beach cache...only to read that hurricane that came in, blew the cache and contents away!
  7. Does geocaching/Groundspeak donate items for non profit events like this? I would love to hand out a shirt or key chain etc to some kids really interested.
  8. El Diablo, I am planning to introduce caching to my youth group. I have seen the avitar contests, but my avitar is my favorite thing, my family which is exciting to me, but not many others! Do you ever donate a stick to something like that, a youth group?
  9. Second the answer from oneofem Border Collie or border collie/lab mix. From a pound or rescue league.
  10. I am reading a great book called the Unfortunate Emmigrants about the Donner Party. In the account written by J Quinn Thornton he writes all about Cache and caching as a verb. Cache is itallicized in the writings also. But we all know the ending...yuck...
  11. Look under my profile. We found two super easy ones in San Antonio, very different economic and cultural locations in SA. My daughter goes to UTSA! Becki
  12. I am Jewish and am always getting Jesus stuff. As someone who does not believe in Jesus, the Jesus coffee cup is as valid to me as a "Bob" coffee cup because my name is Becki. I am NOT offended by religious tokens in caches. I think it reflects on the visitors, just like the log does. Every year for Halloween we had someone slip our kids the comic book with candy...about how we are going to hell cause we are non-believers. We would check our kids bag and figured out who was the Halloween Evangelist. It was our neighbor across the street! So we don't go there any more. For anyone interested in more...Jews don't "testify" or seek converts so I don't have literature to hand out. I would only have dreidles etc to leave. There is a Mickey Mouse Theme cache near my house that I have not gone to yet. In my Geo-Bag I have some Hanukah Mickey Mouse stickers to leave. Now the reason I am bringing these , is that they might be valuable to a Mickey collector as I had to special order them. Mickey spining a top is not very religous! As a person looking at all the Jesus items ( bracelets, beach balls, hats etc) I find it somewhat offensive to the spirit of Jesus. From the things I have read, Jesus would have been revolted by the Jesus coffee cup and probably would be revolted by Christmas santa and Easter Bunny commercializations. My super Christian neighbors ( Baptist) do NOT have a Christmas tree or decorations etc as they feel all that is "pagan". In the end it, it comes down to respecting each other's faith.
  13. How did you aquire multiple GPS units? Did you ask parents to borrow? Can they be rented? Thanks!
  14. My hubby and I are the youth group advisors at our temple. Ages 11-14. We are thinking of planning a cache event for them...hiding a few caches ( not via geocaching), just giving them co-ordinates etc. and placing caches on our grounds or nearby local park. We will of course introduce Geocaching etc. Has anyone else done this? If so please give me some suggestions and what worked and what did not?
  15. Howie who started thread...you sound like Homer Simpson. Me...I have worked 18 years in the Financial Industry at one of the largest investment firms. I love it...everyday is new.I have worked for 10 years for the best boss ever and I drive over 40 miles just so I can be his employee. My job has helped me raise my great kids, pay for college and put some away in the 401k. As much as I would like to be a stay at home mom, I don't like the jobs of the stay at home mom. I hate laundry, dishes, housework. My amazing husband helps me with those things! Dream job: Park ranger in the Guadelupe Mountains. But I do not have a college degree. Girls did not go to college in my family.
  16. I don't think he was out of line. I cached alone on two caches. The following day I was in agony from chigger bites. I do not heal easily and still have the scars circling my ankles from July. I did not rant, but did edit my finders log that I got eaten up. I also went on a cache hunt in an unfamiliar part of town and was terrified by Golden Orb spiders. I also posted in my NON finders log that the spiders were numerous and scarry. Now...do I take heed of warnings? YOU BET! There are sevreal caches I have NOT gone to find beacuse of a mention of snakes. I figure I will try and look for them in deep winter when I hope most snakes and or insects are dead or sleeping. Am I a wuss? sure...but my kids and hubby need me and I need them and no cache is worth dying from snakes or Lyme disease.
  17. mY dR. told me to use the lice shampoo and spray also! I also hear a goofy prevention is: put a dog flea collar around each ankle before you go out. The gross part is that itcing is really those dang chiggers disolving your skin. I got the chiggers in June and STILL have the scars from them. Thank God they stopped at my thigh/butt line. Having them in the privates is a nightmare!
  18. I have 2 cases of "Heater Meals" in my closet for emergency situations...ie. weather, terrorists, power failures... They have a heater in them ( similar to the MRE heater)...you add water and the heater activates. They are delicious too, We took them to the Guadelupe Mtns. and had lunch. They have a website to order from.
  19. Those spiders made me wuss out on a cache I was 75 feet away from this past weekend in Pearland Texas. I posted a note on the log and here is a reply I got: Funny thing about the spider. I did the same thing. Then I ducked and kept on moving. If you want to see more of these spiders go to the back of this same park and you will see several if not 50+ hanging from trees that span 20 yards across. Their webs are amazing since they build across such large distances. These spiders are called Golden Orb Weavers. If you notice in the sun their webs have a golden tint to them and they are completely harmless. Chances are they won't even bite you
  20. I was so excited to hear about this! Not because I eat at McDonalds ( yuk..I prefer Wendy's or Sonic or Popeyes)...but cause I was imagining the "adult toys". Ok..back to pure thoughts...I was thinking that Mini-Leathermans would make me buy an Adult Happy Meal. A friend of mine ordered a not so happy meal at Burger King for herself. When she got to the window the smarmy window guy said " where is your kid?". She said " at home". How rude!
  21. These are also used for Alzheimers patients.
  22. I wish we could have a "perils" icon on the cache pages! I am pretty brave about outdoor perils, but this weekend just about did me in. We went looking for a cache and there were spider webs as big as 20-50 feet wide with giant ( as big as my hand) multi colored spiders in the middle of each web. This was terrifying! And no one mentioned these spiders in ANY logs! How about icons for: spiders, snakes, poison ivy, thorns, scorpions, aligators?
  23. I just wanted to share this picture with all my fellow Texas cachers...how more Texan can you get, than to take a travel bug to Luckenbach? No, we did not see Willie, Waylon or many boys.... here is the link: http://img.Groundspeak.com/track/log/240874_200.JPG
  24. Is there an easy web site to post pictures to, to make a web page of caching I can email a link to? Everyone I try on AOL is too hard or takes too long to work
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