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My First Cache!


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I think that this post summarizes the reason why so many of us are in this sport. The chance to hunt for caches and finding spots like this. A yearning for adventure and exploration. And it is great that you took a camera to share the experience with us.


At least that sums it up for me.

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I've lived in north Texas for 40 years. BUT ... since I started caching I have learned of numerous parks and interesting historical locations RIGHT HERE in my home area! Sure, this is a positive way to get better aquainted with our home land as well as to get more in touch with areas we visit, but there is much more. I must admit that I've learned the most from some of the virtual caches.


My point being this:

As this sport grows there are concerns that caching will eventually get too big to handle, but the positive effect of the masses becomming more in tune with the environment will be worth what EVER it costs. Especially in a time when we we are being enticed to stay indoors and let our fingers do the work. Also, especially as we continue to have an additional positive impact by packing out trash.


I now believe that caching will have a measurable historical effect on the world as it causes a tilt on history in a postive awareness direction. Reality is that caching has, does, and will effect history, .... how much and in what way is up to us. If it does become so large a sport that it looses control, then, perhaps we were most successful to this aim.


As we 'pick it up and pack it out' we can't help but have a major impact on a serious problem, and at some point all the agencies that control land areas will welcome cachers as assets. Thus, it is vital that we push this concept to the fullest.


I too, LOVE it when I find I have walked into an interesting surprise location. I think the chance of that happening is a key drive.


** The worst suggestion of a life time may be the catalyst to the best idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions.




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