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"Cache with a Conscience"?

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We've had this topic posted in "discussions" for ages and had no feedback and am hoping this is a better forum to post it in.


We would like to make a cache in which we would place newsletters and brochures for our non-profit organization [Summit Assistance Dogs


The way we see it working is a geocacher would read about our cache, find it, take an information packet, fill o ut the log book and leave nothing or maybe trade some small dog toys. Later they can log their fi nd at Geocaching.com then read through the information and decide wether ar not to donate to our organization.


This could start a whole new genre of geocaching, "Cache with a Conscience"... has a nice ring to it, adds a social responsibility aspect to the sport.


To learn more about what Summit Assistance Dogs does to enrich the lives of dogs, youth and folks with disabilities read this

news article.


I'm looking forward to finding out if you all feel this is in the spirit of this great sport and if we will be allowed to place a cache like this.




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I see little or no silimarities between this and the religious cache issue. If the cache is a traditional placement of a container with a theme of dog items, what is the problem of including information about dogs trained to help the disabled. It's not controversial like Christianity or Democracy, and I've never spoken to someone who was offended by a labrador that helps those without eyesight cross the street. I have a cache that "asks" the seeker to consider leaving a donation for the park that enthusiastically endorses the cache. Is that commercial? I paint the words WWW.GEOCACHING.COM on all of my caches ... is that commercial?


I'd say familiarize yourself with the site rules on commercial caches, read some of the disussions on commercial caches in these forums (throw out the opinions that are extreme), and design your cache to avoid elements that would make it seem like people are being tricked or decieved.


Luckily, the administrators have left room for common sense and case-by-base discussion of what is commercial. I hope other will see it this way.

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If the cache planter leaves some literature and people are free to take it or leave it as they see fit, what's the big deal? I wouldn't see it as a whole new class of caches- it would just be a regular cache that the placer has put some information in. You can even get this information now by following the link above, right? Was anyone unduly harmed?

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It all comes down to the intent of the cache I guess.


I am not offended by by a labrador that helps those without eyesight cross the street either. However, if somone called me or came to my door soliciting donations for such a cause or a church, I would treat them equally by sending them both away.


I am not religious, I view it as nothing more than another buisness. Therefore, maybe my view of the similarity is not typical.


From geocaching.com:

A commercial use of the web site cache reporting tool is an direct or indirect (either intentional or non-intentional) attempt to solicit customers through a geocaching.com listing.


I'll admit - there is a fine line here. A dog theme cache with a few pamphlets in it... maybe. A cache full of requests for donations and ask that you leave nothing, or maybe dog toys if that'll make it legal... NO. Placing the same pamphlets in another cache, tacky, but ok I guess.


As far as you placing a cache in a park and making a suggestion to donate to the park sounds fine. But if the park placed a cache of their own and asked for donations, NO.


GEOCACHING.COM on the container, Fine. A cache with solicitaions for geocaching.com, NO.


Hope you can see where I'm coming from, even if you don't agree.


Never date a girl whose father calls her princess - chances are she beleives it.


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Originally posted by brdad:

GEOCACHING.COM on the container, Fine. A cache with solicitaions for geocaching.com, NO.

Geocaching.com solicits donations. I don't put the web address for seekers ... they allready know it ... I put it there as an advertisement to those who may happen to find the caches accidentaly. I think it's worth supporting (hence my caches and my membership). If I wanted to support another worthwhile cause, I should be able to (I'm willing to accept if a cause is not worthwhile from peer geocachers ... again, God or Country bad, Harry Potter or seeing eye dogs good).

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I think very highly of charities that help people obtain and maintain trained dogs to compensate for their blindness or deafness.


I also respect the great love that forms between animal and owner.


However, an entity that solicits money is an entity that solicits money.


Let's keep the rule clean: no monetary solicitation, no commercial caches, and not cross into deciding which ones are appropriate or not based on our own desires/prejudices.



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I personally dont have a problem with this, but you know there are going to be alot of people with their own important "causes" wanting to set out their own caches. Who is going to decide whats a good cause and whats not so good. In other words, where to draw the line? This to me is just like the religious cache in the recent thread, yes this idea may not be offensive to as many people but its still solicitation.


Hard call but i guess the folks at GeoCaching.com will make that final decision!

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First, there is a big difference between placing information about an organization in a cache placed in the woods and placing a cache at the location of the organization who wishes to solicit your time or money. The religious cache that keeps being mentioned led the cache seeker, with out warning, to a religious establishment where they were approached by members of that religion. Unless you are planning to place the cache at the Summit Assistance Dogs headquarters I don’t see these as similar issues.


I would suggest you place the cache and post it to the web site. After you have posted the cache immediately place a note on the cache page directed to the admin person approving the cache. Let them know that you know they may not approve of your cache because of the organization tie in. Ask them to advise you how they feel the cache maybe altered to make it acceptable if it is not. My guess is that they would approve this cache. In that case you can delete your note once the cache is approved. Otherwise you can email the site and ask approval of your idea before you even place it.


Navicach is another caching website.



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I've donated countless pallets of dog food over the years to service dog training organizations, and I support them in every way. However....(saw it coming , didn't you?)


I can see Jeremy's answer from here. NO. A very simple and understandable reason. There is no way that he or any other operator of a site like this would want or need to be beholden to every special interest group out there, no matter how virtuous. Next it is canine rescue, then United Way, then you step off into dicey waters like Boy Scouts (I don't want to hear it! I plan to be a Scout leader one day. It's the potential for friction I'm talking about) and then the N.R.A. Million Mom March, Nation of Islam, Rainbow coalition, NAMBLA (O.K. I was reaching there) etc,etc,etc...... It is a can of worms no one with any sensibility is going to step into when this site serves tens of thousands, all with varying interests.


And when you see a service dog in training, always remember to ask before you reach down and touch the dog.......





Ahhhh......the moist nose of a German Wirehaired Pointer!

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