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I am trying to get access as the co-founder of a cache. My buddy Herr Fritz and I placed a cache together...he logged it and has the editting rights and it shows up opn his "my cache" page... I get nothing... can that be changed?


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If it's credit you're looking for, sure! He can edit the name to read "by Herr Fritz and GEM'S". But as far as editing rights, whoever submits the cache is who controls the editing/archiving etc. I suppose if it IS editing rights that you would like, he could archive the cache and you could resubmit it using your logon. You can always find out who REALLY submitted the cache by clicking on the "PROFILE" link next the geocacher name(s). It will always link to the geocacher profile who submitted the cache.


You probably just want a way for both of you to get credit for the hide, but I don't believe that's possible.


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Originally posted by Renegade Knight:

About all you can do is log a find on it. Technically you found it, and the sysem doesn't allow co-wonership yet. Logging a find gives you a credit for it of sorts.


I've read similar statements several times on these boards. How in the world does helping to place a cache equate "technically" to finding it? If that were the case, then, "technically," EVERY cache owner would/could claim finds for their own caches. IMO, this is a ridiculous notion.


But you're right in a way . . . claiming a find in such a case does give "credit of sorts" . . . or perhaps that should be "discredit of sorts." It gives "credit" for an illegitimate find, and it adds to the list of "Ways in which cachers pad their Stats."

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Well, for this cache you may be out of luck, but for your future team efforts, here is what we did. Myself and a few geocaching friends decided to do some compilation effort caches. Since we all "owned" the cache, rather than use an individual account for it, we created a new account name, along with a new hotmail address for it. We all share the passwords, and all keep up with emails and edits. This has worked great for us...we all have our own caches that we personally do under our own accounts, but for the team efforts, as far as anyone else knows, we have nothing to do it. The only thing that winds up being a problem at times is that since we all have our own accounts, we dont log finds to the team account. As a result, some people dont like seeking a really difficult cache posted by a team with no finds...they think its a fake, or that we didnt know what we were doing. As credible people find your cache however, this isnt a problem anymore.


Hope this helps,

Macro (of various teams!)

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