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How do you prepare to hunt a cache?

Guest Moun10Bike

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Guest Moun10Bike

bubba232's topic ("This sounds silly but...") got me wondering about the different ways that people like to prepare for hunting a stash.


I like to enter the cache coordinates into OziExplorer, load the appropriate USGS DRG, and then examine the map to see how best to approach the cache. Depending on the area, I will also take a look at the location in DeLorme Street Atlas or Microsoft Streets and Trips in order to see if there are any changes in the area due to recent development, etc. I also tend to read the hints and view the pictures on the cache pages, not so much to "cheat" but to get a mental image of the hunt. Then, when setting out to visit the cache, I take only the GPS.


How do you like to prepare? Do you take a map with you to the cache location, do you read the hints and view the available pictures of the cache, do you print the previous logs from the cache web page, or are you a purist who goes on GPS coordinates alone? Or something else?

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Guest jeremy

I'm a slacker. I usually go to Mapblast and get directions from my home location in Bellevue to the cache location. Mapblast will take you to the closest road, but not necessarily the best way to get to it.


If it looks like a longer trail, I use my Topo! CD and print it out, using my limited map reading skills to figure out if there's a trail near the cache. There usually is.



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Guest fiser

I use the mapblast link and find the nearest street. Other than that, I just use the coordinates.


The midwest is fairly level, so I don't

consult topo maps very often. I like the fun of not knowing what I'm getting into anyway.


I assume that the person who hid the cache followed the path of least resistance to do it, so I usually try and follow established trails for as long as I can.

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Guest Krepism

I just punch in the Coordinates in the GPS and GO! But, I always have my compass and copies of the Topo (For my entire area) always in my Jeep. So if i got lost or confused I have some thing to reference. I think its a bit more of a mystery this way.

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Guest swangner

I usually use MapBlast to get me close by driving (there aren't any caches within walking distance from me yet). Print out the map, and the cache page from geocaching.com, pack them up with my GPS unit, compass, flashlight, etc., and go.

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Guest daviskw

cache is. If it is one I will visit, I enter its location in my Street Atlas software and have it produce a route and download it to my Garmin Emap. I then enter the location in Mapsource software and download the waypoint , map, and route to the Emap and the waypoint , route to my etrex. I then enter the coordinates in my 3D Topo software and produce a topo with a proposed course and print it. Then I print the full page from the website with the hints decrypted. I don't look at the hints unless I have trouble finding the cache. I use the Emap in my car and a compass and etrex on the trail. NOW if a could only find the dadgum things!!!




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Guest erikmartin

Maps are for wimps! Seriously, half the fun for me is driving to the place without using any maps. I just take my Magellan 315, a compass, and a variety of cachable items. As long as the GPS is working there's no possibility of getting lost, as I can just follow my trail back home.


Oh yeah, I also take my cell phone, so when I find it I can call my wife and say, "hey honey, do you want the key chain or the super ball?"


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Guest nekosoft

I usually print out anything available and stick it in the cache hunting backpack, pulling it out if I get stuck. On a couple of the caches around here that looked more difficult, I brought along a change of clothes, some food and water and a lighter just to be on the safe side.


After this last weekend, I'm going to start bringing a couple big garbage bags, as the cache I hit was covered in cans and bottles and garbage. Had to vacuum out my backpack when I was said and done (and recycled).



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Guest Quinnow

The way I prepare to look for a cache is really quite tough to do.But I have it broken down into 2 simple steps so that you can understand and maybe try this for your next hunt!


step number 1...Lie to wife and tell her you got called into work.


Step number 2...Go Caching!! yeeeeh-hahhh!

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Guest vwBob

Originally posted by BigFig:

My wife thinks I bought my Garmin III on ebay for $25.00 ....


yours too!! icon_biggrin.gif


i gotta agree with erikmartin, i just enter the coordinates and go. by reading the website, you know in what general area the cache is anyway.


i clicked on one of those encrypted messages once and it said something like, "its on the north side of a pond, under the only rock there, surrounded by two logs." WTF! why bother going then! just my $.02




Cleveland, Ohio

... look for the green bus!

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I make certain I have all the cachers phone numbers so I won't have a DNF.


Actually I do have some map books and we just print out the page along with a mapquest map on the back if we aren't familar with the area.


We don't prepare much. Usually we'll do 3-5 caches in a day so we take our time and enjoy ourselves. Whenever we've done a high volumn day we usually cut it short and end up not caching for awhile. So slow and steady is more fun for us.

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after reading the first post i feel positively unprepared for anything. i read a cache page before i look for it, check the logs to make sure that it at least was there recently and maybe look for a main road in the area. thats about it. when caching away from home i usually have local road maps with me.

we're pretty much "seat of the pants" types

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