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Old Grid Style T-Shirts


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I was recently reading in a lot of posts, that people said that if they could have anything come back to the Groundspeak store, it would be the older t-shirt that have the big colorful grid type thing. I've found them on sale and I'm pretty sure it's what everyone was talking about, but anyway, don't take my word for it, see for yourself.



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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Good to know that they are a partner, I was concerned for a second.


Its also good to know that there is another source out there for those must have items, thanks for the link.




Caching without a clue....

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At first I was a little concerned about wether they were licensed, and I questioned wether I should post the link, but I decided to. I'm surprised that no one has ever posted about this. I looked, with no success, if there was a post about this website would someone markwell it?



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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