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Magellan 315..(@^$@$%&*&^#)

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I was just wondering if anyone out there with a Magellan 315, is having any problems when the sky is over cast or any certain time of day. I have recently had to put a cache in archive (its sitting in my living room) because everytime i had a family go look for it, it would be like 80-100 feet off, and the last one they just couldnt find. I felt real bad, and have emailed them abunch of times, he was really cool about it and gave me hints and tips on getting the right corridantes or in that ball park. I have also heard of people geo-caching with 2 GPS units with them, one to back up the other. Does anyone have problems with this model?? Thx - SunCrush icon_mad.gif

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And haven't noticed many problems. The last upgrade to 3.15 did improve some things, but prior to that I wasn't complaining. When placing a cache, I tend to let the 315 average out for 5-10 minutes. Shorter if the satellite coverage is strong, longer if it is weak. During that time, I mark the coordinates every minute or so, and then take an average when I get home.


It also helps to turn it off and on, letting it reaquire. I have one cache back up in a ravine with typical poor reception, but have never had any complaints.

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In the end, if you note on the cache description that the coordinates might be suspect, people are generally forgiving. At the very least they understand they might have to search a little harder. Here in the NW, tree cover can be brutal (clouds don't seem to hurt the signal much, and we have lots of them). There are lots of caches out here, placed with high end models, and middle of the road models. Many a time, I've hunted a cache, where the owner clearly states up front that their reception was lousy. It just added to the satisfaction when I found it.

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Jenn, what gps are they using and how are the coords set. You found three with the M 315, if so how close were you to the cache each time. Check your gps version you should get v.3.15 if you do'nt already. Always check to see how many sats. are displayed at a given moment. My 315 works on cloudy days and in the woods you have to hold it high above your head for best results. Hope this helps. PS do a search here on the update to v.3.15

topic..Best of luck to you...

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