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Kentucky Geocaching

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Hey all -


just to let others know, a few Geocky members had the chance to meet with Kentucky State Nature Perserve Commission, Kentucky State Parks, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and Kentucky National Forest Service (I apologize if any of those titles are incorrect, I don't have my notes with me) about the geocaching issue within the state of Kentucky. I'm happy to report that everyone present at the meeting (not just us geocachers) were glad to get together, happy to be working together, and eager to work something out in order to allow both sides to be able to continue with their activities.


We spent quite a bit of time explaining what geocaching was, how it is practiced, why we enjoy it, what got us (as individuals) into the hobby, and what we feel geocaching can do for all divisions that were represented at this meeting. We had the opportunity to listen to everyones concerns, answer their questions, and generally get a feel for what each different agency was looking to get out of this meeting.


Things are looking extremely well with each agency, and we look forward to developing guidelines to be used when geocaching within each specific area. We were happy to see their enthusiasm about the hobby as well as their eagerness to learn more about it and how they could benefit from geocachers as well.


We will continue to post updates about geocaching in the state of Kentucky as soon as we get them. Please visit our website for more information.


We would also like to thank everyone who chimed in and helped us out with information, advise, and experiences you had with similar situations. Every little bit helped us to get to where we are right now.


Thank You!


the White Diamond Pirates

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