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Move it or leaveit?


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I recently put a cache by our public library that is along a walking path off a well lit parking lot. A log was made for the cache that made me wonder if this might be an unacceptable location. Here is part of the log. "While parked in the Library lot with the family and the car

steamed up, an RCMP officer interrogated me re my presence.

Apparently the parking lot is a frequent hangout for drug dealers and

prostitutes. Had to spill the beans on Geocaching to avoid a trip to

the station." Could this have been an isolated incident because someone was in the car with the windows steamed up or do you think i should rethink the location? This is a public parking lot at a library that is open 7 days a week. Opinions please.

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Leave it. I had a similar response from a cacher doing one of my micro's. The parking garage where I place it was where the city police park the cruisers. It was no big deal. The officer just wanted to know why the cacher was loitering about. He even offered to help, until he found out how small the micro is (2x1/2 inch).


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Tough call. If it's really a place for drug dealer's & ho's it sound like it might be kind of dangerous. I took a look at the cache page and it seems all the other people that found it like the location. I say leave it and perhaps make a note that it's best to find this one during the day.


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The officer just wanted to know why the cacher was loitering about. He even offered to help, until he found out how small the micro is (2x1/2 inch).


My thought is this:


If someone can hide a small parcel around police vehicles and not be seen, perhaps it is a BAD idea to hide geocaches in such a location?


With everyone in a security mode, putting hidden objects in a pubvlic services area can only lead to bad karma....



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I agree with Bassoon...move it. If the police are saying it's a rough area nad that such activity goes on there, then I don't think it's a good idea. If I were going to go after a cache and saw a posting that the police stopped someone there and told them the type of activity that was going on, I would skip it. If it's a known rough area, then it's not a good place.


My question though is you would think that an area next to a library would be one of the lastplaces for htis type of activity and that the police would of cleaned it up already.





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Leave it. Often, a police officer will tell you that they are checking you out because...lots of drug activity, we had a complaint, someone reported a vehicle similar to yours, etc. When in effect, they are simply checking you out. They don't really need a reason, it is just easier to give you a reason than to say I just wanted to make sure you weren't up to no good.

Leave it and just suggest cachers go for this one in the daytime. It seems as though everyone is getting just a little too safe. Some will say you just can't be too safe, well that's bull. Some get so much into "being safe" that it takes the fun out of it.



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Unless there's a problem, leave it. Why try to envision or create a problem?


I'm baffled...


If you want to be really anal about it, contact the police and share--that'll smooth over any potential issues and please them as increased traffic will minimize illegal usage of an area.


If you are concerned for visitors, simply notify them on the cache page so they know what to expect.


{Joke:} If anyone has a negative experience, increase the rating! Hehe...





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Since when is the parking lot of a public library the domain of drug pushers and prostitutes. Of all the public buildings in the city, that one should be free of that kind of activity.


Maybe we should keep children illiterate so that they won't be exposed to the environment of a public library.


That's enough of the rant and sarcasm from me...


If it's a well disguised cache, I say leave it where it is, and let the good citizens of the city enjoy their public library.

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