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Placing Caches

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I've findly found a place I would like to place a cache. It's a Conservation Trust with trails throughout it. There are caches in conservation trusts in other towns and am wondering if this should be somwthing that I should contact this conservation trust on placing a cache there?


If so, is there some sort of literature or something I can email them on it. I don't want them to get the wrong idea if I tell them that basically I hide a box in the woods and people come and find it. I know there has to some better way of putting it in words that breaks the whole idea to them gently.


Brian Wood

Woodsters Outdoors


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I would recommend finding out where the administrative office, and make an appointment with someone responsible for operations.


The personal touch is always best for asking permission. You are there to answer questions, supply your own contact information, and generally show that there is a real person connected to this activity. Email, and even a phone call, is very impersonal and many times the person you are contacting will just not want to deal with it. A personal contact is much more productive.


Most (obviously not all) organizations like the opportunity to interact with the charity giving public. Some especially like a chance to contact potential volunteers who have a stake in what they are trying to do. Bringing this up, particularly in connection with Cache-in/Trash-out information can help put geocaching in a positive light.


If the reception is not favorable, at least you gave it a shot. If it is undecided, you can frequently help our cause by supplying a number where you can be contacted, and explaining that if any problems arise you can quickly remove the cache and disable or archive it.


One of the best capsulized description is on the Garmin website. Also, be sure to explain cache-in/trash-out.


The USGS also has a description on their web page.


Good luck!




My two cents worth, refunds available on request. (US funds only)


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