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Originally posted by magellan315:

I'm trying to use the Topozone Maps for some caches that are coming up that are very difficult. I can't figure out what the target mark looks like that is supposed to indicate the cache. The box at the bottom of the map is checked, so it should appear,


It should look like this:




However, it appears that the target symbol is added using Javascript so make sure you have that turned on in your browser. Also, certain browsers like Opera have problems with that.


As an alternative for topo maps, try lostoutdoors.com

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TopoZone uses NAD 27, but Geocaching.com uses WGS 84. Unless it's been changed, the required conversion is not done, which means the mark will be off. If you want the mark to be precisely where it belongs, you'll have to use the "convert to NAD27 or UTM" link under the coords and the cache page and then manually enter them in TopoZone. (If it happens that Geocaching.com now does the datum conversion, let me know so I'll know, eh?)

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I'd have to second ClayJar - you need to be really careful. It's a double whammy - wrong map datum, and client side mark.


I played with this when I setup http://www.lostoutdoors.com for putting the marks on the aerial and topo maps. Client side is potentially faster, but I ended up embedding them on the server both for accuracy, and so you could save the image off with markers intact.



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