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Garmin Icons

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I've got a Garmin eMap and the selection of icons for waypoints is comical. When I bought Mapsource, I was hoping that some of the icons would carry over to the eMap, but they did not. I'd like to be able to change the icons for different types of caches as I usually preload the waypoints and some time later when I am in the area for work and have some free time, I like to check out a cache. As I don't usually have my folder of cache pages with me, I like the icons to refer to conventional, micro, virtual or offset caches. Something to indicate difficulty level would be nice too. Mapsource does have two Geocaching icons. Do they work on some other model Garmins?


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

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My Vista came with two icons for geocaches--a closed treasure box for a geocache, and an opened one for a geocache found. There are quite a few icons loaded that I'll never use, so if need be, I can use some of those to differentiate between different types of geocaches. I've also been deleting caches from my GPS-r after I find them to remove clutter from my mapping screen, so I can also use the "geocache found" icon for a cache that is different from the norm. Hope this helps. Happy cachin'!!! 15T



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Well, this won't hepl you much, but I've got a Magellan 320, and there's about 15 different icons I can use. I thought that on Garmins, you could upload new icons...is that wrong? Because I want to be able to do that with my mag. Can you upload icons to a mag320?


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I'd imagine the next ROM revision for the eMap _may_ have the geocaching icons. I submitted it as a feature request several months ago but no new ROM revisions have come out since then. Not guaranteed because Garmin may not consider the eMap a "geocaching unit".



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Garmin has also stated before that not all of their units have the same icons due to memory restrictions in the hardware. They have only a certain amount of space which thay can use for firmware updates, icons and such. Because of that they tend to only put icons that they think are necessary in specific units.


That's why their aviation units may not have nautical navigation icons, and their more rugged outdoor units (what garmin considers a "geocaching unit") have the geocaching icons. Supposedly it also translates into a faster OS when there is less "bloat" to weigh it down (extra icons and pretty stuff). They do seem to be getting better about stuff like this.


Keep in mind that the Garmin eMap was designed before geocaching was as popular as it is now and so it does have it's restrictions. There are websites out there that allow you to design your own icons and such, but that would mean hacking the firmware which is sometimes not the best idea to do.



Iron Chef

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