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  1. Well thats a bunch of crap. I truly do have the worlds worst timing.
  2. I havent geocached in more than a year. To be honest i never use my Garmin anymore, i cant really justify not selling it to someone that could use it more than me. The unit is a Garmin eTrex Legend. It comes with the serial PC link cable for uploading/downloading waypoints and other neat stuff. The unit has street level maps and points of interest for the Fort Wayne Indiana area. Obviously unless you live in Fort Wayne this isnt going to do you much good. You would need Garmin's Metroguide softare to upload detailed maps for your area. By default, the unit will display highway roads in undetailed areas, and basic points of interest. The unit is in very good condition. I think theres a couple very small scuffs near the top end of the unit from use, but theres no deep scratches or anything anywhere on it. It has been reset to factory stock after i took the pictures, so it has no waypoints, no tracks, and a grand total of 8 feet on the odometer. Some pics: http://shenko.homedns.org/garmin1.jpg http://shenko.homedns.org/garmin2.jpg I would be willing to sell it for $150 shipped to the US. I can only accept money orders, US Postal Service money order preferably. I can be reached for questions at email eshenk@comcast.net or on AOL instant messenger at name Smeezky.
  3. Oh i believe it. Animals are wierd like that. I cant count the number of times my cat hes seemed to know something was going to happen. Stuff like whenever my aunt is coming to visit from indianapolis, my cat hides for 2 days, starting about an hour before she gets here. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  4. So i went caching today (skunked) and while i was hunting around i noticed something hanging from a twig branch thing on a small tree. I went to look closer, and it was a dadgum used tampon. Egh. If i had had gloves or something i would have gotten rid of it, but no way was i touching that. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  5. I would much rather find porn in a cache, then religious tracts. In fact if i ever found religious tracts, i would immediately trade for them, and get rid of them. Thats something we dont need in caches. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  6. Sounds big-brotherish to me [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  7. Does the term apply if you meet any of those requirements, or is this a sort of psuedo-poll? Because i guarentee almost everyone here will meet at least one of those listed items. I drove around with a stocked and ready cache in the back of my truck for a month recently. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  8. AAAA! MATH CACH! *runs away screaming* if its a math cache, to me its immediately a 4.5+ [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  9. Just curious as to what you used your GPSr for before you heard of geocaching. If it applies to you anyway. Personally i bought my original emap in Orlando when i was working for bellsouth mobility. The directions to the cellular towers we were working on were not always clear, or even near accurate, but the direction book had lat&lon for each site. So, i was finally inspired to purchase the emap from a CompUSA to help me find my job sites. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  10. Lots of organized people here. My system is: If i find it, the site says i found it. If i found it, my etrex has the "geocache found" icon for the waypoint. Thats it. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  11. Hehehe sounds like your finding strategy just needs some thinking. I prefer the "hang GPS on tree where it says the location is and search circles around it" method myself. But then again, a year and a half in this, and i still suck at finding caches in the woods. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  12. If youre eager to start today, drive to the local best buy and pick up a garmin etrex. And there ya go, gps, manual, batteries, geocaching.com, and your set [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  13. The most famous person i know of on here sould be Jolly B, i read his comics! Im sortof a local figure of infamy... [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  14. I have a large in the back of my truck that i need to hide one of these days. Its one of those gargantuon cat litter plastic buckets. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  15. This drives me buggy too. Theres a newer cacher around here that EVERY log of his says something along the lines of "found it ". Or, he gives way too much information, he dropped a gigantic spoiler of a log on one of fuzzy's puzzle caches, which was quickly deleted. Some people just dont get it. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  16. Always nice to see some military folks flying off the handle in an unrelated thread... [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  17. urbana #1: Leviathan - archived, washed away Urbana #2: Beckett's Run - archived, stolen Urbana #3: Dodgy Deals - active Urbana #4: The City She Loves Me - active I also seem to be on an austrailian drain naming kick. Secret Squirrels and Dodgy Deals are both drain names down under. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  18. I usually avoid political posts, but this is just insane. My personal politics are simple. I dont know what a republican is, i dont know what a democrat is. I never asked anyone, i never cared to find out. I judge people by how they act, not some designation. I dont know what right or left means, and again, i have no interest in finding out. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  19. Moral? Whats that have to do with it? If its a cool location, i say go for it. Hide it one of those plastic skull containers...hahaha [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  20. quote:Originally posted by mtn-man:but why can't people just use the site and respect the wishes of the owner and provider of this site??? Anytime you have a number of people together, there will be discussions and arguments arounsd the rules, which i think is only right. Ive always been impressed with the fact that jeremy posts here, reads here, and actually seems to care what his visitors think/want. I like travelling caches even though as far as i know, my area only has 1 (my own). I had plans for another one for fun, and possibly use one in a multi idea ive been kicking around for about 6 months, but i guess thats done. I dont see why they should be banned. I can hide a cache halfway down a cliff with no problems as long as i tell people theyll need climbing gear, but i cant hide a cache that moves because someone *might* put it in a bad area? My traveller that i have hidden instructs finders to email me where they plan to put it. I did this for 3 reasons, that i would know where it is at all times for any possible fixing of the container, that i might be able to a degree regulate that its not being put it a bad place, and to make sure it doesnt visit caches its already been placed at. Hiding a cache is a responsibility anyway, i think its only prudent to know where your traveller is, so in the case that someone puts it in the middle of the train tracks you can go get it, and let the person know thats not acceptable. If you dont think you can handle doing that, then you dont need to hide the traveller. My opinions anyway. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  21. Actually my vote would go to jennifer&dean. Cant beat DK2 [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  22. One of my caches was plundered due to this reason i believe. It was hidden quite cleverly in an area that gets alot of traffic from teenagers making out. I had instructed finders on the cache page to cover the container well when they were through, but one day it was found with all the stuff dumped out, and the container floating but somehow not floating away in the river. I always cover a cache better then i found it, or at the least if its a 1 or something, put it where it was. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  23. I hid a cache like this myself around 6 months ago, i think its a fun idea. I dont see the point in outlawing caches like these, logistical difficulties? As i see it, its up to the cache owner to take care of any logistics. If the cache owner feels they cannot keep up with whatever they designed the cache to do, then they should archive it. My cache of this sort is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=34671 Great, i was planning something sortof like this for a fun new cache that wouldnt work as a travel bug. Guess its not happening now. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  24. "Whatdya mean thats not a jeep?" [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  25. I understand where your coming from, and i know things like this will happen. But im not going to criticize the approvers for the simple reason that they have a hell of a lot of stuff to do/check/approve. I wouldnt expect hardly anyone to catch a situation like that. Let along people volunteering to sift through how many caches per day? [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
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