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  1. Harrisburg area...New Cumberland, specifically.
  2. Scary, to say the least. Good memory Jamie, I didn't read too much about Texas when I started caching back in the gap, but I remember hearing a joke or two about it now that you've re-mentioned it.
  3. Wow, it took 3 years for someone to bring this up...thought it would happed a while ago. So when is Texas planning to secede? I had a friend over there that swore he was going to get together a group and make it happen one day.
  4. great! thanks, I was racking my brain trying to figure it out. So who runs the rtr.ca website? I guess it links or searches gc.com somehow? Thanks again.
  5. Is there a wap address for gc.com? I thought i remembered there being a wap.geocaching.com that you could get to on your cell phone or other wireless device. Is there such a thing anymore? Forum searches came up nill. Thanks
  6. I plan on getting there Friday night...with a little food for myself, but also some community food like a dozed eggs, maybe breakfast sausage and other stuff for don to whip up one morning. Oh and coffee. And an ice chest of beer. I'm liking the Fall Fest and PBR for my two flavors. -pizzachef
  7. quote:Originally posted by CenlaCouple:I count 3 truckloads of wood so far, one more and we should be set I plan to make my way up there Friday night...is there a fire wood place nearby that we can pick up a truckload? When I get there, we can take the top off my truck and lay the seats down and I oughtta be able to fit a modest sized truck load. That way we won't have to unload an already-full truck to go fill it up again. Don, do you think you'll be squatting all day Friday for us? -pizzachef
  8. Here's more information than you ever wanted to get yourself into: http://gpsinformation.net/ I think you'll find that it's going to be tricky to get your own trails on the map, but it can be done using routes...any mapping gps will do it. Offhand, I'd recommend something small like the Garmin etrex Vista or Legend, or the Magellan Sportrac. I know the Magellans are pretty rugged...which may be a concern of yours on a bike. There's plenty of info for you to read...good luck -pizzachef
  9. I'll most likely be coming solo myself, and I don't think I'd be able to get a truckload of firewood in the pizzachef-mobile, but i can fill it up with spirits! that'll keep us warmer than fire I'd be happy to assist with wood loading or whatever...lemme know if anyone needs labor. -pizzachef
  10. quote:Originally posted by halfofthem's:Coffee? Maria? To leave the law at the door? ... alex Hey, I remembered the coffee last time! And I shant be leaving home without it this time either...Maria won't be able to attend, she's serving another year with Americorps in Baltimore, and, well, the law will only show up when it's not on your side...words to live by -pizzachef -pizzachef
  11. I can't believe I've just come across this thread...I've been hanging from too many bridges. I've been waiting for someone to mention this topic, since the weather's so nice now. November 8 is a great date...and yea buck, I plan to be at the LaTech slaughter the weekend before...hey I like my school, but you can't overlook the obvious So the Indian Creek campground this time? I'll see if I can get the law to follow me in again Looking forward to a good ole Couchon de lait!! (I may be a bit rusty on my french) now i've gotta remember all the stuff that i forgot to pack last time... I can't wait for don to start calling me pizza hut again -pizzachef
  12. I didn't think there was all that much of a difference between US and Canadian dollars, but you might want to check those prices on PriceGrabber Both ST map and the Legend are comparable units. The antena difference is slight, but nothing to hem and haw over. The electronic compass is over-rated...a $15 Silva is much more accurate and doesn't have to be calibrated, and you have more choices of GPS units if you don't worry about the compass. If you can see the sun or moon, a Magellan GPS will tell you the correct direction to go. I have a Meridian simply for the expandable memory. -pizzachef
  13. Well, when you click the button to download to EasyGPS, tell it to save to your hard drive, change the name from geocaching.loc to something else that you'll remember and save it. Then you can open up all the files in EasyGPS and move all the caches to one .loc file and you're good to go. -pizzachef
  14. In EasyGPS, Press File->Preferences. In the window that comes up, you set your gps type, the baud rate, and the COM port. I have COM1-COM9 to pick from on mine...and my usb to serial converter usually picks a high com number like 5 or 7...the one you're going to have trouble with is the magup program that updates the firmware in the gps...it only goes up to COM4 as far as I can tell, and only one of my usb ports makes it COM4, and I never rememebr which one it is -pizzachef
  15. There was a guy a while back that had drawn his own geocaching icons for the Magellan 315/320. They took the place of some of the less used icons. I liked them very much, and I'm sure there's a way to do this for the meridians and sportracs, although I'm not that savvy. I can't find the old thread right now, but I'll look again later. Oh, and you can put my name on the petition to send to Magellan for some official icons [EDIT] Okay, I looked a little harder, here's the thread http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=7116058331&m=8196059051 Not much of a thread actually, just one post -pizzachef
  16. Actually, with the SporTrac you can search waypoints by alphabetical, by icon (i think), nearest to current position, and even nearest to an address...as long as you have the detail map loaded for that area...so you load all your caches, and search which one's nearest to your camp if you've got it's address the Legend might be able to do this too, but I'd don't know for sure. -pizzachef
  17. So does that mean you can't use the scroll wheel on your mouse? I think I use that more than any other button anywhere on the computer. -pizzachef
  18. Can you just disconnect the GPS when you turn on the laptop? The reconnect it after it boots up? Works for me. -pizzachef
  19. The suction cup mount is probably the best mount for most cars and trucks. I think the swivel mount would work well on a boat or something similar where you'd be looking down at the GPS. Now the suction cup mount is not very sturdy, but i think most people put the base of the mount against edge of the dash to steady it. I've seen the RAM mount, and it's rock solid, but I've heard it tends to fall off on occasion. The good thing about the Magellan mount is that you can hook up the power cable to it and when you put the GPS in it, it's automatically connected. With the RAM mount, you have to screw in the power cable in every time. I like the Magellan mount, and if it ever breaks, I'll send it back to Magellan and see what they give me -pizzachef
  20. Sorry, but the Pioneer is a bit outdated and doesn't display the thousandths digit in the degree/decimal-minute form, or the tenths digit in the degree/minute/sec form. But it will get you close enough to find a geocache. Probably the best thing to do is watch the coordinate screen and try to zero in on it that way because the distance stays in miles, and 0.01 miles is the smallest increment it can show. Also, it's only a dual band reciever, so you may have some trouble getting a good lock under trees. Good luck with it! -pizzachef
  21. It can't be done the way you'd like it to be done. (20 bucks says someone will prove me wrong ) To accomplish what you want, you'll have to do it with a cardwriter. Make a map using TOPO for hiking and then make another one with S/D for driving. You can put both map files on the memory card using the cardwriter and switch between them at your convenience...albeit not as convenient as having all your info on one map. Good luck -pizzachef
  22. I have that same problem and my maps are not too big. They're ~15megs each and I have 3 of them on my card. I have found that if I turn off the detail map, then reload another of my maps, it will work. Or maybe I have to do a restart before it will properly load another map..I don't remember. I haven't found much info at all on this error, and when I emailed Magellan's tech support, I got the following response: quote:Sir, if your gps flash/base memory is a 4.06 or higher, you will have "Utilities Option" on your menu. If you click on that, From that menu, you will the "Change Map" option. This option will allow you to select what map you want to view. If you need further assistance please call technical support @ 1-800-669-4477 M-F 6am-5pm Regards, Technical Support tr Not too much help, but they did leave a number. I haven't had a chance to call them yet, so I haven't gotten any further on the problem. If you call them and make any headway, could you post here and let us know what to do good luck -pizzachef
  23. Well, the Meridian may not be the backpacker's dream, but with teh SD card slot, you can put as many map files (1-4 regions apiece) as you want on the card. When you're moving to the edge of one map, load the next one (it't done through the GPS menu) from the card and you're good to go. Limited only by the card size. -pizzachef
  24. Well, now that I've looked at the website, it looks like the coordinates in question were obtained using the clues? If so, then I think they are already in degrees/decimal minutes or DD MM.MMM If your gps is set to this already, and it probably is since this is the format that geocaching.com uses, then you don't need to convert anything. Hope you figure this out before you're chasing wild geese -pizzachef
  25. I apologise if I've wrongly accused you of spamming us from a sock puppet account, but you have to admit that your post looks suspiciously like an advertisement for a new service and we don't really know where it's coming from. Also these forums are refreshingly free from advertisements so your post tends to stand out a bit. It would be different if someone with a couple finds and/or posts was letting everyone know about a cool new service that they'd found out about, but with your no finds or previous posts, your intentions didn't seem very genuine. Sorry for any offense. -pizzachef
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