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Looking for foam to make "Gear box"


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Can anyone recommend a source for some good foam? I looking for the fairly stiff type that's laminated with a plastic coating on the outside surface. Similar to the stuff in rifle or high-end camera cases.


I have an old briefcase I'd like to set up to hold all my gadgets (gpsrs, FRS radios, palm, misc. cables, batteries, etc.). I'd like to fit the foam to the case, then custom cut a spot to fit each item. I had something about 1" thick in mind, a solid piece for the bottom, cut out the center layer, and another solid layer over the top to keep things nice and cozy.


Any suggestions or ideas about any aspect of this project are welcome!



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Check with your local camera shop.


They sell a type of foam that partially cut with little 1 inch cubes. You remove the cubes to form the rough shape of the item you want to protect to create a pocket. Works really well. Been a year or so since I might some but it was 14 bucks or so for 4 2x3 foot sheets (each sheet 1 inch thick). Just about enough to fill the volume of a brief case with some left over.


I wish I could remember what it was called.


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the stuff jolly is talking about is, i think, the "pick and pluck" foam that comes with pelican cases. you can also just buy the foam. google it for a good online price - e-Bay is NOT the cheapest place on these. i bought a case a month or so ago, but i forget where from.




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I went to wal-mart and bought a handgun case then cut the foam in it for what i needed. One that held seveal guns would hold more than enough items and was only 15 bucks. way cheaper than trying to convert a briefcase.


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Most of the military surplus stores in California sell the stuff and will cut it into the size/shape you need (or you can use an electric carving knife or band saw) for any project you have in mind.

There's just gotta be a store like that in your area.


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Well, I was able to find what I needed at my local sewing/craft store. I bought a piece of foam 24x36x1, which gave me four pieces the size of my briefcase, with a little to throw away.


I was originally only planning to use three layers, but I cut the organizers out of the lid, and put the fourth piece in there. I plan use some glue or spray adhesive to make it a bit more permanent. The bottom layer is also solid, leaving the center two layers to cut/fit my gear into. Most of the items only need one layer to fit in. The exception is my battery charger. I cut out two layers for it, and also keep some extra alkalines stored under it.


I still have one corner free, and might just make a nice empty block to throw in whatever else may arise. The only thing I'd do different is trace the cutouts on the back side, so that it gives a neater finished look.





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