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Is this too much

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I am looking to place a cache in my local area, and was going to borrow a method from another cache "Pies Are Squared" by Jim Reeb. The Pies Are Squared cache caused you to figure the radius of a circle and then draw three different circles where the center was a particular point referenced in the cache descriptions. Once you found where the three circles met, you could then find a micro cache which gave the coordinates for the final cache. All the necessary information was contained in the cache description.


My spin on this idea is to use posts that are along a nature trail where I like to bike (7.2 miles long). The posts are along the entire length of the path and they have numbers on top of the posts, but they are not mile markers. I don't know their exact purpose. My thought is to have three of those posts referenced in the cache with an equation where a cacher would have to visit each post to retrieve the number off the top of the post, place that number into the equation to figure out the area of a circle. Once they have that figured out, they would then have to draw the circles on the map using the post as the center of the circle, and where the three circles overlapped, they would find the final cache.


None of the posts are that far from a trailhead. I would wager a guess that the farthest might be a mile away from an entry point to the trail, but only .10 of a mile from a road that runs near the trail.


So is it too much to ask for a cacher to find these posts, do some math and then plot them on a computer of other map and then find the real cache?



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Doesn't sound like too much to me, but I enjoy these type of caches. Ones that exercise the mind and body. I would expect that this type of cache would have less visitors though. Not everyone is into the harder ones, but those that are will appreciate it and your efforts in creating it. If they were all 1/1 then it would quickly become boring and not many would continue to do it, at least I wouldn't.



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Yup, go for it. You won't get as many finders as the effortless caches do, but some of us actually like to work for it.




"We never seek things for themselves -- what we seek is the very seeking of things."

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)


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The cache is fine. The part about finding a micro though is hard.


I've got a cache that involves circles. Even with a perfect soltuion (not gonna tell how) My coordinates were off 30'.


Take 30' and add the 20' you are already off and that can be very hard for a micro.


Heck I used a 5 gallon bucket and it took one cacher 3 tries and the bucket is in plain sight if you are within 10'. (From the right angle anyway)



Wherever you go there you are.

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