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Attention Jeremy and Geocaching.com

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On virtual caches we are fairly consistent. 


I have to disagree with this statement.



Feel free to disagree. But... if you are going to bump something out of this old topic, the appropriated posts to do that to would be this one:

Re: Virtual Caches


If you really want to enter the murky realm of virtual caches, ask first and post second. Consider that your virtual cache will most likely not get listed. That way you are prepared for disappointment.

and this one:

I'm wildly sober about this. Physical caches are the basis of the activity. Virtual caches were created due to the inaccessability of caching in areas that discourage it. If you must create a virtual cache its best to bring the idea up before doing the research. Expect a no first and a yes in extraordinary situations. I hate it has to be blunt but that's the fact, Jack


WJ, you would have done well to have taken that advise.

You probably would not harbor so much angst if you did.

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On virtual caches we are fairly consistent. 


I have to disagree with this statement.



By the way, looking back, that was taken slightly out of context. The full text was:

I think the approver are fairly consistent. We are not perfect and never will be. On virtual caches we are fairly consistent. I, like Mopar, would like to (know) which cache you are talking about to see if the cache is grandfathered. Read the guidelines and if you have a question then post your idea for a cache in the forums. I'm sure you will get lots of opinions about it.

Those comments were directed to the OP. I never said we never make mistakes.


How about we look at something you said in another recent topic about virtual caches:

You will hear from me no more on this specific subject.

Looks like I will have to disagree with that statement.

This topic is evidence of that being a bogus statement. Here you are again continuing to go on about virtual caches. You even started a new topic to boot.

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