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Guest Growley
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Guest Growley

O.K. its time to admit to all you experts that I know nothing, thats right NOTHING when it comes to HTML coding. confused.gif I see all these caches with multi-colored fonts, etc. I want to be able to do that too! Does anyone know of a link or website where I can get a list of basic commands that would allow me to make my cache pages (all two of them) look better? Thank you


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Just want to say Thanks for those sites. As I do not use HTML with geocaching(yet) I do on wheresgeorge and when I asked got a few sites that really did not help that much.


Peace and Have Fun!!!!



Hope I do not become BEAR food this spring

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Did any of the above sites still exist? Did they help? Was there any reason at all to bring this ancient thread back from the dead?

Right now I'm making my first hide. And I want to link a local cache that ties into the history of the place my cache is located so if the finder is interested they can grab that one too and have it "tie into the theme"...the sites have me doing a code that is


<A HREF="http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=2837f474-b6de-4964-9889-642487800846">Darr Mine</A>


But when I place it in the listing, nothing comes up at all. I know someone here has a way to link to the site via HTML.

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Did you check the little box stating you were using HTML? If you didn't, all the codes got stripped out.


But if you did, you have to use HTML throughout the page.


HTML is relatively easy to understand.


Check out this site


Just remember you need to close any tag you use. If you use the <Center> tag, use the close Center tag after that centered portion </Center>


The '/' is used to close codes such as the <P> = Paragraph. <Font color> = just what it says, font color.


Keep the code very simple. Using a text editor is the best way, then save the file and open it in a new page in your browser to see how the formatting looks.

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:lol: @#$%& !!! I was fooled at first, thinking that this was a recent thread.... Who would do such a sinister thing ?? and WHY ?? :lol:



Wait, I did the same thing a few days ago..... :lol:


All of your questions can be answered in Getting Started



also try these:





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