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How do they find the GPS jammers?

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Also, since a GPS jammer transmits from the ground, or very near it, that's not really the direction the weapons are "looking" for a GPS signal, given the placement of the weapons antenna is optimized for reception from satellites.



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Works like a radar detector detector.A GPS detector detector..I understand a little of the Electronics..Remember we designed the whole system to begin with.We only release what is already tested and able to be overcome.We are the 1st and the Best at all that we endevour to do!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS and Guide them this does not require a GPS hee,heee,haa

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Like any radio signal they can be easily tracked and the instructions on jammer use says "activate jammer then move quickly to a safer place" icon_biggrin.gif


If one wants to attract (unwanted) attention then a jammer is an extremely good way to do it.


Cheers, Kerry.


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nonetheless, it was still careless and stupid for Russia to sell the jammers to the now ex-dictator.


I also read once somewhere that GPS jammers were used in a armored tank "best of the best" competition. The jammers were used to mess up the GPS devices in the Bradleys.


I guess it sort of goes to show that GPS should not be used as a only source of navagation - but as suplimentary nav. aids.


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