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Geocaching Tableware

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While at my favorite Taget store the other day I noticed a line of metal picnicware that was had a compass design on it. I, of course, snatched some up for that all important geocaching get together we all plan. They have plates and bowels of various sizes. It is very attractive and fits in well to a geocaching picnic or outting. HAPPY CACHING!!! icon_cool.gif

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As long as we're on the subject of correcting the spelling in your original post, you should probably point out that although Tarjey does have a large selection of anything you could want for all your caching and other life adventures, they unfortunately do not carry bowels...At least at the one near my house. You may live in an area with a higher amount of organ/tissue retail, but the demand is apparently not a driving force for large outlet center supplies in my area. Bowls on the other hand they do have, and these might also be more likely to have a compass pattern on them, seeing as how the tatooing arteests in my area don't typically do internal work.


Maybe I'm way off base here and the people in my community are just medical underachievers....I don't know.


Just had to throw in some booming sarcasm there for your enjoyment.

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Okay, no more funny posting during lunch (12:30 - 1:00, Prevailing Central Time). It's bad for my keyboard.


BTW, NetDep, you can edit a post and thereby "hide" any silly errors. In fact, doing that might make MTU's reply look VERY strange indeed.



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Unfortunately, I can not take credit for the amazing adjetive/noun combination that is "Booming Sarcasm." That was a description of my form of dark humor given to me by a good friend from Michigan Tech. The bowel humor though I will take complete credit for, this is of course my speciality over this message board and my native list (maggot-l@mtu.edu) at which I perfected the art that is making someone spew on the keyboard. Enough ranting about humor, let's get back to the caching, and more importantly the subject of this thread, compass plates. I can't stress enough how this forum has changed my life. Compass plates! What will they think of next? North Arrows on aerial photos? Man what is the world coming to these days?...Also, note for those aspiring to reach the level of humor that is "Booming Sarcasm"....Instant Gremlins, Emoticons, and sidways smileyfaces are not, will not be, and have never been funny/cute/cool/sexy. Stop this nonsense right now. This is getting rediculous....

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