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Guess who has a weblog?

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I was voting for geocacing on the webby awards, and I saw that it is leading the vote getting 2 to 1 over its next competitor in the catagory, livejournal.com. I was reading the comments & someone stated that the posts didnt reflect what the Webbys were all about so I looked around for a definiton of the catagory community, couldn't find one so I decided to look at the competition for a clue, and started with livejournal which is essentially a blog site. oh. ok.


I decided then to see what journals were out there about NJ, and what do I see but the name Morton Fox. Now I know I've heard that name but I can't place it. As I click it, i suddenly realize who it is: why stayfloopy of course.


I was quite engrossed by his logs and read them for nearly 20 minuts before realizing that dinner was now cajun style. it wasn't too bad.




quite interesting reading.


I hope I didnt duplicate a topic, as I was so exciried to share this it didnt occur to me someone else might've seen it already. In reading his journal I was quite tempted to make my own. On the other hand I doubt anyone would really want to know the details of my day to day life which consists of little more then geocaching, weird nj, and my kid and website. besides I could always just do it on my own site if I wanted to.


he also has registered his own domain name at http://www.stayfloopy.com/ (what else?)






[This message was edited by Gwho on April 22, 2003 at 03:46 PM.]

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Is this good manners to post a cachers real life name here?

Perhaps you might consider editing it out.

I looked briefly at the cacher's profile and homepage. I did not see where he identified himself his real life name.

Perhaps I am wrong here, and if it is not bad manners, I apologize.


ADDED in EDIT, well I see Stayfloopy is here. If it don't bother him, it don't bother me.

Sorry. icon_smile.gif

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