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This might be good for a micro cache container...

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Okay, I'll probably get Markwelled on this one but today I was at Walgreen Drugs filling a prescription when I noticed these little pill containers for sale which you put on your key ring (so you can always have your daily medication with you.


It cost four bucks and is a stainless steel canister with a screwn on lid sealed by a rubber O-ring. The canister is abrout the diameter of a quarter and maybe 2 inches in length. (Slightly smaller than a 35mm film cansister).


Definitely water tight and critter proof. Look like it could survive years in the elemetns.


Might be tough getting a pencil inside though. Anyway, I picked up on up because I'm always leaving the house nad forgetting to lug my medication along -- but now I'm thinking of using it to place a micro cache.


Just thought I'd mention them here.


Jolly R. Blackburn


"Never declare war on a man who buys his ink by the gallon."

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Sounds very much like what I bought recently to try out. In the camping section of some store (I don't remember which, though) I picked up a waterproof match container. Stainless, rubber O-ring, screws shut. Might be a little longer, maybe 3 or 3.5 inches, but the same diameter. I was going to just cut down a pencil to fit. That and a small roll of paper, maybe preprinted with spaces for date and name.


I also found, in a pet store, these small screw-shut containers meant for attaching to a dog's collar. A tiny slip of paper came with it, for the owner to put their contact info. These are very small, maybe 3/8 inch long, and about 1/4 inch diameter. Have to replace the paper every find or two. Or maybe, just put something in there, and have the finder report via email to verify the find.

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Made me think of those miniature tupperware bowls that you can attach to your keycahin that you could maybe put a couple quarters in or pills. Those who have wives or other significants that have done the tupperware thing know what I'm referring to.


I can see the cache description. It's a greenish color tupperware container. Most people will be looking for the larger ones and not one half the size of a film cannister...




As long as you're going to think anyway, think big. -Donald Trump

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Some pharmacies also sell similar containers meant specifically for nitroglycerin tablets. The tablets can break down pretty easily once they're out of their original jar, so I'd imagine that these are pretty water and air tight. I haven't tried this though, so it may not work.



When in doubt, poke it with a stick.

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Oh, I forgot to mention...


Another thing I like about this cointainer is it has a sturdy metal ring on the screwtop lid. Perfect for attaching thin wire so you can secure the cache from wandering away.


I placed two altoid tin caches last summer and I noticed the critters like to drag them about. They never seem to stay put.


Jolly R. Blackburn


"Never declare war on a man who buys his ink by the gallon."

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