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A Question about travel bugs.


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I am curious about the reason people hold on to travel bugs and not place them in the next cache they do. Is it a mind set out there that you cannot trade a tb if there's not a tb to trade it with? I know of one person that wants to move the tb's that are at least a state away, but what about the rest of you? Do you think it is right or wrong to hold tb's?

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I've got a TB (1 of 2) that made a huge trip from Texas to Canada only to be picked up by a brand new cacher with 0 finds. They've had it for over 3 weeks now. The good thing is I've e-mailed them twice and they've responded both times telling me they'd place it soon. When they do they will have moved it over 50 miles so I try to be polite in my e-mails. I think on my next tb I'll just be frank with anyone handles it and say I paid 5 bucks for this thing and if you lose it you owe me lol j/k



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Sometimes it's because it won't fit in the next cache I do. Sometimes it's because I have a chance to bring it closer to its goal if I wait a week or two. Sometimes it's simply because I forgot. I also won't put a TB in a cache that I think might be susceptible to theft and I'll hesitate to put one in a remote cache, or one that isn't visited often. Those are reasons I can think of off the bat.


This being said, if you're going to hold onto a bug for more than two weeks, for whatever reason, it's nice to e-mail the owner to let him know what's up.


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My memory's not "all there" and it usually happens because I forget it at home. Other times, it's a cache that hasn't had any finds in months, is in the wrong direction, or I know it won't fit.


Eeek I just realized I forgot to drop off a TB from the Canadian bug race. :x


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I picked up a bug locally here back in July. It was on its way from Canada to Oklahoma. I took it 1000 miles south to Georgia on a trip and placed it in a cache in an area near a military base as I knew someone would get it out to Oklahoma. Someone picked it up and took it to New Mexico, then someone took it to Oklahoma. Before it could be put in a closer cache to its destination, someone picked it up and took it over to Texas. It was so close and in a quick time too. Kind of perterbs you when you work on getting it's on it it's mission and then it gets all screwed up.




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I've held onto a couple b/c I liked them so much I was reluctant to let them go. I did log that I had them and I believe I contacted the owner to let them know I hadn't forgotten about it and that I wasn't keeping it: just admiring it for as long as I could.


And then, of course, I set them free.


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