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Garmin GPSMap 76

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I'm planning on buying this for $100 off a friend. I've used it before, and it seems pretty nice. It's in good working condition.


First of all, is the price right? I have no problem spending 100 on a GPS unit, but I want to make sure I'm not making a big mistake or anything.


If there are no complaints, I'll go right ahead...


Thanks alot for any help,



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I've got the GPSmap 76S. It's pricey -- about $100 more than the eTrex with similar features. But it's got a bigger screen and slightly more memory than the eTrex, as well as feeling very rugged.


The 76S has more memory than the 76 -- twice as much for waypoints and trackpoints (I think), and has the electronic compass and barometric altimeter.


The compass is a battery pig, probably the only real downside of this unit.


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I got the GPS76map s , nice big screen with all data sheets at once. But battery life is quite limited. The good point is the built in compass, for the last meters to get to the cache.

But,.... what I think is a quite pitty, is that... garmin told me that there's no difference of how to hold the GPS, the signal strenght will always be the same. But that's not true, to get a good signal (under trees for ex.) you have to hold it vertically, upright. In that position the compass doens't work. I also lost satellite reception when I was walking, so I bought an external antenna (even when I'm walking!) now the reception is brilliant, regardless of how I hold it.




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I have the 76S which has 24Meg of memory for uploading maps, the 76 only has 8Meg. It's a great receiver and Iv'e had no problems with it. Just wish they'd used a 3-axis compass so it would work vertically, although I'm usually using an external antenna so it doesn't matter most of the time. There's been several firmware updates so be sure to get the latest. You can also personalize the start-up screen with GPSWarn which is cool.

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