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  1. Woahaha. Also dat do as net schlecht. Ech hun deen Topic firun iwert 2 Joer opgemacht !! Haha Majo Männer, ech sin net mei esou vill (praktesch iwerhabt net) als GC ennerwee. Mee wann dier wellt esou eppes durchkreien dann sin ech ob ärer Seit. Ech hun mech demols bei GC agesaat fir en Forum fir eist Land ze kreien, an firun allem Letzbuerg als egent Land unerkannt ze kreien... fir dass mer vun deem BENELUX Dreck fort kommen ... an ech sin haut nach emmer där Meenung. Mee ech machen mech net mei midd... gidd macht Krisch, ech sin hannert Iech . Scheinen Dach nach ...
  2. Ich weis nicht wie aber... ich fühle mich besser. Musste eben raus. Also was TC angeht, das ist der "nachbar" von dem Ich geredet habe. Und ich denke dass dies DIE Möglichkeit ist die Probleme rund um das Approven zu lösen. Ein eigenes Forum auf einem externen Server wird die einzige Lösung sein, es wäre eben super gewesen alles auf einer einzigen Webseite zu haben. Es ist eben schade, ich bin seid 2002 bei GC dabei, und habe die Evolution mitgemacht. Seid Kurzem stosse ich mich aber immer wieder an Probleme.... zu denen die Administratoren keine Stellung nehmen wollen. Schade eigentlich.... Trotzdem Danke für den Tip von TC, bin seid einem Monat dort Mitglied
  3. Merde, wat geet dat mer op de Keiss. All Keiers wann een en Cache eran get get en vun engem deen net hei am Land wunnt approvéiert (oderoch net). Dat geet mer elo deck duer !! Op des Art an Weis sin schon vill gudd IDeen verluer gangen an Drecks Cachen sin entstanen. Wiesou hun mir keen egenen Forum? Op d'Manst en Benelux Forum? Nee, d'as emmer dat selwescht, an wann een dann sech opreegt kritt een direkt en Zensur un den Hals gehangen. Ech hun op jiddefall decidéiert fir bei GC den Saak ze huelen. Verschidden aner Geocacher hun mer och schon zougesoot fir bei den "Noper" ze wiesselen. Ech wees dass dat bei GC net vill wärt änneren well mer einfach eng Minoritéit sin, mee mir selwer hätten eppes dovun. Well beim "Noper" keint een sech dann d'Cachen geigenseiteg approuvéieren, an esou wär eng mei coherent Kontrolle méiglech.
  4. Ech sin es esou lues saat hei emmer nemmen ob Englesch ze schreiwen, oder mussen dat Holländescht do iwersetzen. Wei wär wann mer eis zesummen setzen an en Letzebuerger Forum an d'Liewen ruffen?? Ech hat dat firun Joeren schon eng Keier gefrot, mee demols wor do neischt ze machen, demols soten dei vun GC dass desen Belschen Forum fir d'Benelux Länner geduecht wier. Haut gin et awer e bessen méi Cacher wei deemols, dofir relancéieren ech des Fro nach eng Kéier. Ech geif et elo schued fannen fir ob en Externen Forum zereck ze greifen, falls de Wellen do as, kennen mer die Responsabel dozou iwerieden fir en Forum fir eis hei bei GC an d'Liewen ze ruffen. Wat halt dir dovun?
  5. When I surfed around the GC site I found a TB that is located at the eternal TB graveyard. Its name is DINO BUG ! BUT... when you look at the description of the bug you see that the user was able to enter HTML in the TB's NAME !! The bug How is that possible, every thing I tried turned up as an error. Impossible for me to do that. Does anybody have an idea? Or has this feature have bee turned off since?
  6. Hello, Id Like to log the WHERE's IN A NAME Cache, for that I need the help of a geocacherthat lives near ROME, next to LATINA around the coordinates N41°26.28 and E13°0.252 (in decimal it would be 41,4380 and 13,0042) Is there anybody from that region that could contact me ?? Thank you in advance
  7. At the Beginning my Username was DNA, I was solo. Later on I changed it into team BUDA which was composed by BU(for Bunty) and DA(for Daniel) , this means that we were two guys caching around. At this moment we are 5 guys, that use to cache around, sometimes alltogether, some times individually. It depends on which kind of cache you chose, and why you chose it. In conclusion I just want to add, that walking in a group is much more fun that solo. But if you need some rest and want to be alone, GC in the great outdoors is ideal.
  8. Of course, Before I wrote this Topic, I made Garmin a complete Email. Man, I means errors always may happen.
  9. If you take the GEKO 201 and chose the Virtua Maze game, you can use a "Cheat" function in order to see the global maze. Ok, no problem here... but... if you use the German language... the Word "Cheat" is changed into "BESCHEISSEN" !! In fact "to cheat" would better be transnalted by "mogeln" so that mode should be called a "Mogel-Modus" . The word "Bescheissen" that Garmin used here is so-to-say SLANG and means "s*** on somebody". The commonly used english word s*** is in German SCHEISSE. I was very impressed when I saw that... maybe Garmin will correct that in a future update.. we'll se... PS: I noticed when I checked this post this forum does not allow the word S... sorry for this, but I think that everybody understands what I meant : Sierra-Hotel-India-Tango. Sorry pals, I didn't want to be impolite, this post should only bee seen as a funny contribution without the aim of being rude.
  10. Hi, I love GC because it's the moment when I can go outside, meet new people, lern new things, keep in contact with the environment,... From the beginning on there have bee guys who practiced this great hobby just like a competition. They logged everything, just in order to increase their "FOUND IT" counter. Today, with the locationless/virtual caches the number of cheaters is dramatically increasing. The number of fake "proof pictures" is in some cases very obvious, but cache owners don't react. I don't mind about what cheaters do, but since I have bee a boyscout for many years, I definitely hate unfair situations. Please, is there now way to fight against cheaters? Maybe a black list, a temporary suspension of accounts, different handling for locationless or virtual caches.... I don't know what, any idea is welcome. Please let's work together in order to keep your common hobby clean. GC is a hobby, and the "found it" counter will in no way make anybody earn money.
  11. Just one small question, that might have been ansvered before, but I didn't find the answer. Do people log a CITO event as "FOUND", or simply as a "NOTE" ?? Does the CITO Event have to bee archieved a week after the event or what? Thanks in advance,
  12. I personally tried a garmin etrex (yellow) and the SUMMIT and... both are ok but... after some time I got fed up with the small display! So I got a Garmin GPS 12 with a bigger display so that I was able to read more informations at once. Be sure that your future device will have a PAN function, which allows you to scroll the track you already made. (etrex yellow and summit didn't have that !) Today I own a Garmin GPS 76Map S, great device since it has a built in compass and digital maps. But... digital maps are quite useless when you have traditional (paper)maps, and modern devices have a smaller battery life (in worst case mine only lasts 10 hours !!!!) And to end, I just like to explain why I only bought Garmin devices : Since I live in Luxembourg, and we have a special topographic-map system (splendid idea) , Garmin was the only one who developed a formula that you could program in your GPS to make it work with these maps. hello
  13. I don't know if this has already bee discussed before, so I try to be brief. Does an event cache (like CITO) has to archieved when it's over or not. What do you usually do? hello
  14. Ok, I got that one, but .... are you allowed to log your own cache then? We'll spend a whole day for the next upcoming event, so I think that it would be fair that the cache owner also logs it ... I KNOW THERE IS NO PRICE AT THE END OF THE DAY, but I only want to know how others behave in that situation. thanks again.... hello
  15. That's what I wanted to know : You can akt just like you want. There is no special rule? hello
  16. Yes, I'm not sure about this, so I ask YOU. IS anybody allowed to log an event Cache as I FOUND IT ? Mostly, people simply log a NOTE with a small comment, is that the rule ? What do you usually do ? Thanks. hello
  17. GREAT Idea. really, haven't thought about that. I think it's ok when we copy that one?! hello
  18. I got the GPS76map s , nice big screen with all data sheets at once. But battery life is quite limited. The good point is the built in compass, for the last meters to get to the cache. But,.... what I think is a quite pitty, is that... garmin told me that there's no difference of how to hold the GPS, the signal strenght will always be the same. But that's not true, to get a good signal (under trees for ex.) you have to hold it vertically, upright. In that position the compass doens't work. I also lost satellite reception when I was walking, so I bought an external antenna (even when I'm walking!) now the reception is brilliant, regardless of how I hold it. hello
  19. I also like virtual caches, but I think they should be separated from real (physical) caches, there should be a second counter for them. hello
  20. Of course you can do that, all you need is a good map, and maybe a plastic overlay grid and that's all. every monday evening our scoup group has its meeting, you're welcome, we gonna show you hello
  21. Ok, let's start with the beginning. I informed the guy's from htmlcodetutorial about the link and that I wasn't informed about 'bandwidth theft' quote: How does do the folks at www.htmlcodetutorial.com feel about your deep linking to their content? Some people call this 'bandwidth theft'. I sure don't care for it when people deep link to images on my web site in this way. Second thing is, THIS WAS ONLY A SIMPLE QUESTION ! I got your opinion now, it's all right. This was a try and nothing else. SO STOP SENDING ME FXXXX MAILS WITH STUPID INSULTS !! The first time I got mails, was a week ago when we created a LOVE'n PEACE Cache which was first accepted and than immediately archieved. I got at least twenty mails from stupid guys, with all kinds of insults. This time is the same, some of you have learned to say their opinion, and I have learned to accept others opinion (especially when I ask for it) But what I cannot stand are insults in any way. Believe me I'll answer all that mail this time, with some surprise! Thanks to all the others who simply told what they were thinking. hello
  22. Hi every one. By accident or let's say by error I made this Html description of my new cache. Try it out. UTM Chaos What's our opinion, should I leave it like that or not ? I think the scrolling looks funny. Does anybody else have something similar ? hello
  23. Buy it !! All extrex models are defenetly too small !! their resolution is better but the display is too small. And when you consider buying a newer modell like 76maps, etc the battery will not last so long. Your basic model, has a big display , where you can see many data fields , yet more than Etrex , and the battery will last up to 20 hours , in contrary with the GPS76map s which holds only 10 hours (when all its features are turned on) So , if I were you I'd buy the 72!! hello
  24. Well... eh ... sorry ... but.... yes.... I forgot to mention that a minority of people do have absolutely well prepared Profile Inputs..... (PS: I was in order to say that ) hello
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