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making a map with my GPS 12 while MTN biking?

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I would like to make my own map of my favorite mountain biking trail, especially since the park maps are so wrong that people get lost all the time. What is good software to use for this? I do not own any software currently, but I have the cable. If it could overlay the track onto a topo map, that would be sweet. Then I could print it out, and provide them at the trailhead, with the other maps.

GPS: Garmin GPS12

thanks in advance,



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Some other options are GarTrip which will let you overlay tracks on any map imapge you have on your PC (i.e. scanned in or already in jpg, bmp, or similar form). Download at www.gartrip.de - there's a demo version which may be sufficient but otherwise registration is pretty reasonable. OziExplorer also supports this capability.


ExpertGPS downloads USGS topo maps from the web and lets you plot tracks as an overlay - it's about $70.

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I've had good results with DeLorme's Topo 2 and 3. For ~$100 you can have Topo maps of the whole US. The detail is not great but it works.


I also found that I wanted Topo information while riding, so I use Gramin's Mapsource TOPO (~$100)for "heads up display" of the trail. Keeps you from riding into that swamp at trail's end icon_cool.gif


I have been looking at MapTech Terrain Navigator to provide better detail for hard copy, the cost is ~$130 per area of corverage and cannot be downloaded into your GPS.


If cost is not a problem I would recommend that you go for MapTech Terrain Navigator and then Garmin for downloading into the GPS12.


If cost is a concern and you only one to buy one package then National Geographic TOPO, DeLorme, or Garmin should do the trick.


There are also other very good options in the other posts. These do not provide turnkey solutions, but most act more like middleware, providing the interface between your GPS, Computer, and the source of map data your using (user selectable).



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