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  1. It could be that Com Port 12 is being shared between the USB/Serial cable and something else in your computer. USAPhotoMaps can't work with shared ports. Try changing the port the USB/Serial cable uses (in the Device Manager (which you're apparently familiar with since you know which port your USB/Serial cable uses)). USAPhotoMaps also has the (kludgy) requirement that you have to re-start it after you change serial ports - which you'll have to do to match what you've chosen for your USB/Serial cable serial port. Everything else should be set up as a serial Garmin/USAPhotoMaps connection.
  2. Oops! Sorry about that. You could email me (to prevent any more embarrassment to me), and I might be able to help you - jdmcox@jdmcox.com
  3. I'd add routines to USAPhotoMaps to convert waypoints, tracks, and routes between Lowrance .usr fomat and USAPhotoMaps format, but you seem to be almost the only one with a Lowrance GPS who uses USAPhotoMaps. If I had more requests, I'd do it.
  4. I have one that I use in my car with my laptop (and USAPhotoMaps or nRoute). I like it. It's a simple solution for showing current location on a map on a laptop, and USAPhotoMaps will save position data for later viewing (as will ExpertGPS, I suppose), and nRoute can display a route between selected points.
  5. They sell that kind of thing here: http://www.trackingtheworld.com/ I saw a website that reviewed some "trackers", but these things are improving fast, and their reviews were outdated. I think they all have SiRf II chips (new and better) or other equally good GPS receiver chips.
  6. kerecsen: Excellent explanation of the SiRF III ! Insp Gadget: No.
  7. You can get the C source code to USAPhotoMaps at jdmcox.com It does just about everything you could want to do with a Garmin GPS.
  8. USAPhotoMaps is free and should work with your GPS. At jdmcox.com
  9. If you select File -TerraFetcher -Region in USAPhotoMaps, you can select an area in USAPhotoMaps (obviously, the best way to see the area is to download 64 meters/pixel topos in USAPhotoMaps first), and then TerraFetcher can download the photos or topos of that area while you do something else. Select Help -Using for more details.
  10. I'm adding the capability to USAPhotoMaps for ham radio operators with "TNC" signal converter boxes to receive other ham radio operators with GPSs and "TNC" signal converter boxes, and show their location. This would be good for search-and-rescue (okay, there are already a few other highly-developed programs out there that do this, but...).
  11. Look at USAPhotoMaps.cpp on http://jdmcox.com/
  12. Here's another good website, with the formula: http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/LatLong.html
  13. Don't connect your GPS to your laptop until it's completely started. That way, the mouse will get its desired comm port, and then the GPS will take what's left, and they won't try to share.
  14. Mapsource will show your position on its map on your computer. USAPhotoMaps will also do the same.
  15. A Holux should work with USAPhotoMaps (which stores aerial photos on your hard drive).
  16. My 96 screen doesn't look shifted to one side or crooked... Sorry I take so long to answer. I'm not used to getting message in this forum.
  17. Oh, yeah! I forgot about GPSOut Thanks. That's definitely needed, and is an excellent program! I don't think you can set the heading bug, but the HSI shows the bearing to the next route point. Check the manual (get it now from Garmin.com).
  18. Well, in a Citabria (which I started to check out in because I was interested in buying a Midget Mustang (but never did because I test-taxied one for a day (intending to buy it) and was physically wiped-out and mentally stressed-out from that experience (I was 66))) the GPS has excellent reception both through the windshield and the top plexiglass. But you should probably use a remote antenna.
  19. The Garmin 96 GPS interface with Microsoft's Flight Simulator only works with a serial connection. First, select Start Simulator. Then press Menu twice to go to the main menu, select Setup, and then Interface and press Enter. Then select Aviation In on that screen, and you're done. You don't have to do anything in Microsoft's Flight Simulator (I've got 2004, but it probably works on earlier versions).
  20. I have the black & white 76 GPSMap with electronic compass and altitude as well as the black & white 96 GPSMap. I like them both, but the 96 is a little better in several ways, I guess because it's newer. I bought it to take flying, and it works very well for that. The map scroll on both is fine. You'll like it. An extra, little-known feature is that you can use it in conjunction with Microsoft's Flight Simulator - it's as if you were really flying and using it for navigation. Let me know if you want to know how to set it up for that.
  21. I just fixed that bug in USAPhotoMaps. Sorry about that...
  22. Which GPS do you have? And you can email me for help. Doug Cox
  23. That was a feature that disappeared for a month or so and is now back.
  24. I think I fixed it so USAPhotoMaps can open waypoint files (.gpx or .xml) in folders other than the USAPhotoMaps folder. It's still version 2.65, but the date is April 14. USAPhotoMaps
  25. The full install of USAPhotoMaps is 357 Kbytes (and most of that is ijl15.dll), so there doesn't need to be any patch file. I just update that full install of USAPhotoMaps whenever I find or hear of a bug (and I only change the version number when it's a notable change (although I change the date if it's a semi-notable change)).
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