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Downloading EasyGPS to my computer

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I have tried numerous times downloading Easy GPS to my computer. The sotware appears to download corectly. I can then up or download waypoints between my Etrex Vista & the software, & can do the same with my old Garmin 12CX, but I can't download cache info from Geocaching.com to the EasyGPS software. All I get is the blank EasyGPS page with the headings & columns, but no waypoints listed. What am I doing wrong in the download from Geocaching.com to my desktop?

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Originally posted by t. shuffle:

Download the *.loc file from the cache page. To make things simple, save them in the same folder where you have EasyGPS.


Run Easy GPS. Choose File, then Open, (or just Click the big 'Open' button), and sellect the file you just saved.


I am assuming that MacGPS Pro should work the same way, but when I do the open thing, I get an error message that says the expected file header is too short. What does that mean?!

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Originally posted by freestyle_freddy:

That's exactly what I do, but the file is empty, no waypoint.

Freddy first of all make sure you have checkmarked the cache(s) detail thingy. Now when you click-on "Download to EasyGPS for Groundspeak" you should see a file download window. Make sure the file name reads "geocaching.loc" then save to your PC.

There have been occasions in the past where the file name read something other than and what people had to do was click on "open" first of all then the window would re-appear showing correct file name. Then you can save.

Why it did that I have no clue.


Cheers, Olar


"You are only young once but you can stay immature forever"

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I am not trying to insult you or anything, but i made this mistake myself and wonder if it might be causing the file problem. I never accepted the licencing agreement part of the easyGPS downloads on geocaching.com. Once I figured out I actually had to click on that part.. I was downloading with no problems.



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