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New GPSR by Brunton...


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More interesting than their MNS product, but the specs don't look like there's any big improvement over other equivalent products on the market today.

The map cards sound like a throwback to the days when Garmin only distributed their MetroGuide maps on pre-programmed cards (8 & 16 MB) for the original Street Pilot. Any time you wanted to take a trip somewhere meant another $$ visit to the dealer to see if the appropriate map card was available. It was a big advance when Garmin and others made the maps available on CDROMs and allowed the user to download the needed map data (either to internal memory or to cards).

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The one thing that caught my attention when reading the specs was:


Plot Trails: 10 / 10,000 points per trail


With certain Garmin units, the ACTIVE track log can be 10,000 points, but any saved tracks end up with only ~250 per saved track.


Does this unit REALLY hold 100,000 track log points? And if so, what information is saved with each point? Does each point have a time and date stamp saved with it?




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Sigh no one really makes the GPS I really want... This one looks really good till I got to the part with the screen res. in the 150ish X 150ish range... I do like that it is grey scale though, color sucks too much power and is too hard to read outdoors for now. I really want something about double this res.


I also like the memory card, after having that with my Meridian I would really hate to give that up.


Not a bad GPS just does not have anything that jumps out says I need to dump what I have and get this. I miss the days when that would happen.


A = A

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