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? on Meridian and mapsend

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If you upload via the serial cable, you'll overwrite the previous map. You can, however, purchase an SD/MMC card reader/writer, upload several maps to the card in a fraction of the time it takes to do a serial upload. I haven't looked in a while, but they're pretty cheap.


BTW, you can have multiple map sets on an SD card, but not with serial uploading.




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Originally posted by headmj:

You can save the maps directly to the card using a USB card reader. I beleive you can also save the existing map under a different name before you upload the new region

Yup. The non-card reader method is as follows:

Select a region in MapSend and download it to your Meridian.

On the Meridian, under card utilities, save the current map to the card giving it a name that refers to the region in some way.

Repeat the above two steps for as many regions as you want to store (limited by memory card size).

Now, when ever you want to change maps, you can go to card utilities and load in the map region you want. Also note that you can do the same for waypoints (i.e. download waypoints, save them by name, clear the waypoints, download another set, save them by name...). This way you can load a region in, and load the corresponding waypoints for the region.



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