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  1. You have to manually delete the file once the unit is connected to your computer in mass storage mode. "Delete the old GPX file" was pretty accurate. JetSkier
  2. I've never had this problem but I only use one GPX file at a time with 500 caches. Maybe it has something to do with pushing the 2000 cache limit. JetSkier
  3. I haven't used my meridian in a LONG time, but I think if you convert the GPX file to the UPT format but don't give it an extension. Then copy them to the SD card and I think the meridian will recognize it. JetSkier
  4. * Fixed issue where searching for a geocache from the Geocaching-Active widget would return to the map page without ever giving the option to navigate to the geocache. This issue is fixed, however, if you don't select "Go" for that geocache and exit back out to the map screen, it shows the geocache location with the push-pin and not your current location. You have to drag the map and then exit to get your current position back. This is when the unit is stationary, I haven't tried it while moving. JetSkier
  5. Haven't seen that. With my 400t I can still point to a cache icon on the map, name of cache shows at top, click on that and all info comes up with the GO button in the bottom right corner and click that to go to the cache. This is the same as before. Are you doing it from the Map screen? Compass and Trip Computer work fine. JetSkier
  6. I was able to reproduce this on my Oregon 400t this morning. Have you sent an email to Garmin on this yet? I haven't reported it yet ... I just noticed it. I'll send an email in some time this afternoon. JetSkier
  7. On the map screen with the "Geocaching - Active" dashboard, if you select the Groundspeak icon and try to select a geocache, it doesn't do anything. It just goes back to the main map screen. Doesn't let you "Go" to that cache. This happens both while navigating to a geocache or when no geocache is active. This is on an Oregon 300. JetSkier
  8. I think the GE TOS was discussed in detail in another thread. From what I gathered you can use an exported jpg and it's derivative for your own personal use. Putting it on your personal GPS would certainly be for your own personal use. What you can't do, however, is create kmz files and distribute them. JetSkier
  9. Although the profiles are very handy, you don't have to change profiles to re-calculate either on road or off road. Once you are routing to a destination, you press the "Where To" button and that will have options to either stop routing or re-calculate off road (or on-road if already routing off road). JetSkier
  10. The Oregons have profiles so you can set up different profiles with different maps and simply switch profiles. Hardly a PITA. I still don't understand why you keep putting your $0.02 in when you don't even own the unit thats being discussed here. JetSkier
  11. geocaches: 2000 or 200 gpx files, whichever comes first. JetSkier
  12. You have to pan the screen with your finger to see the rest of it. You can also "tap" on a point and get the date/time and elevation at that point. JetSkier
  13. If you're in "Spanner" mode, you have to answer "Yes" on the GPS to get it to connect in mass storage mode. JetSkier
  14. Use the imagery from Google Earth. Under the File pulldown menu, you can save the image as a jpg. Then you can follow the Garmin steps from there. JetSkier
  15. Have you created the "CustomMaps" folder on your GPS and added your KMZ files? JetSkier
  16. Here's a question for everyone ... If the imagery in GE is copyright material and re-using is illegal, why does GE have a "Save Image" command built into the program? Wouldn't using that "built-in" command be in violation of the license agreement? JetSkier
  17. Added some imagery to my Oregon 300 and went to lunch today. The map refresh didn't seem to be an issue. This is by far the most impressive firmware update! I contemplated the PN series because of the aerials, but went with the Oregon for the touchscreen. Now I've got the best of both! JetSkier
  18. I had the Zagg on my Oregon 300 but I just couldn't get used to it. It was hard to "scroll" the map. There was too much friction between the protector and my finger. I eventually took it off. THATS when I got a scratch on my screen ... bad timing! JetSkier
  19. It's not a big deal ... it's only a few button presses. Go into the "Where To" button (while you are already in a route) and you'll find the button to recalculate off road. JetSkier
  20. Assuming that you are talking about the note you typped in after marking a cache as found ... Once you enter a "Field Note", you can only retrieve it by connecting to your computer. You can either open up the "geocache_visits.txt" file in notepad or use the Field Notes function on the web site. JetSkier
  21. Some of the Garmins have the 3-axis compass where you don't have to hold it horizontal. I believe the Dakota series and the Oregon 500s ... I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. JetSkier
  22. This IS a GPS and Technology forum so I don't see the harm in having this thread in here. Having more exposure for the PN series is not a bad thing. Although I don't own one, it does have a lot of nice features. People looking for a GPS that suits their needs aren't going to be reading the DeLorme boards so they would miss out on this kind of information. Just my $0.02 ... JetSkier
  23. Not sure how you load your PQ using cache register, but the PQ consists of two GPX files. One has the caches and the other has the child waypoints. If cache register is working with the zip file, then open the zip file first and remove the -wpts.gpx file from it. JetSkier
  24. MM, I have the Oregon 300 and I don't see any "Options" when viewing the description. Which GPS do you have? JetSkier
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