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Second Mouse.

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Hey gang.


I have a problem that those guys at microsoft do not want to deal with so I came here to get the expert opinion of the masses.


I had to get another laptop - HP Pavilion ze 4210 running Windows XP - and I have a problem with it seeing the Magellan 330 or 315 as a second mouse.


If I turn the laptop on with the gps already on with nema data streaming, the laptop scrambles data and moves the cursor all over the screen, opening and closing programs and I have to turn the gps off and then restart the laptop.


Other then turning the gps on after I have the laptop up and running, any one have a pointer or two on how to get this second mouse stopped?



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Found this on a Google newsgroups search:


Does your XP detect a pen point or mouse when the GPS is running? If so,

disable the falsely detected mouse in the device manager. Do not remove it,

just disable it.


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Saw this in a earlier post, not sure if it applies to you or not, but give it a read:


TotemLake quote: "Don't boot up your system with the GPS on. Boot up first then turn on your GPS. That should resolve your problem. Unless you have a need for it, you can also turn off the NMEA communication on the GPS as this is what is causing the system to recognize erroneously that there is a mouse on the COM port. The GPS will transmit regardless if there is a program needing it or not when the NMEA mode is on."


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My Dell Inspiron with XP will thy to use my Legend as a serial mouse if I boot up with it connected using NMEA format. It was quite annoying when the pointer would jump around the screen and randomly click on things. It also made it difficult to fix the problem, which was as simple as deleting the serial mouse entry from the device manager. I usually had to change to Garmin communication format to delete the serial mouse entry. Then it worked fine, even when in NMEA format. I had to use NMEA format with MS S&T to show location, I've since moved on to Metroguide and deal with Garmin format which doesn't cause problems.


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