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GPS Accuracy.

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Originally posted by weenantie:

Can someone...who has a....Garmen eTrex 12 Channel GPS......please tell me how accurate it is. Thanks.


If you look about the screen you should find the accuracy displayed, sometimes labelled EPE estimated Positional Error.


This will vary depending on satellites in view/lock, terrain, weather etc. On a good day 18 feet for me, bad days 30 or 40 feet.


What prompted your question and maybe we can be more helpful?



It's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

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On the 'satellites' page it gives an indecation from (best we have seen)) 18 feet to 105 feet (worst we have seen)

This is not allways a true figure.


when the batteries are low (50%) you can double this figure.


when there is tree cover this can range fron Nothing, to 200 feet out.


This is just OUR experience of using the eTrex.


Tech-no notice

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According to the specs for GPS weather should make no difference to the accuracy of the GPS but experience shows that:

On a sunny day when you have all day to find the cache the GPS is spot on.

On a day when it is lashing down and you only have 30mins to get the cache it will be out by at least 35 feet.


Maybe it is just us.


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