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  1. A little look at the date and the cache log may help you pinpoint your recruiter.
  2. Welcome Roos, Pooh is here somewhere, tigger too, make yourself at home Spelling, Ambu! Spelling
  3. Image too large? Not the way I'd recommend, but load it anyway and GC.com will resize it. well they used to. Resizing is the best and nicest thing to do, cuz then you have control over the final image. I have used this utility in the past
  4. A little to the North of me, on the good old causeway coast. I'm happy to talk to anyone, if that helps. Edit: Gee! thanks for nothing
  5. Could have been worse - could have been a boy named Sue Keeping Walking the Line, Johhny and doing those caches One Piece at a Time
  6. Well welcome to the Emerald Isle. You could do worse than seek out Wildlifewriter's caches in Newcastle, they were part of an event in November. The hilly one will stand out when you read the logs. As for the rest of the North or South of the Island check out this sites caching guide and log on to the Irish discussion group Post a note here when you know your itinerary(spelling?) and someone will doubtless keep you right. PS Bring a raincoat
  7. Easy, Beside and near to the log take a photo of a cat. For cachers without a a camera, I have a small idea how I can check the log, stupid person. Hope that helps
  8. Hi welcome to the "Art" Rest assured it will get better. First I would like to be associated with the remarks of the previous speaker and second, just check that the 0.04m may actually refer to miles I'm not sure that many GPS report to centimetre level, bear in mind that when they do you still need to look in at least a 10 -15 feet radius (sorry I'm still using the old money) cheers
  9. I should be there, mind you it is an expensive meet. It has cost me a bed, a carpet, paint and a lost weekend - but then I'm free, free I tell you, free to roam the hills ...... Yes dear, coming now!
  10. personally, I only watch CBB with the picture off and the sound turned down
  11. Hey That's enough of that. I don't want to hear any more about it. Klaus, Wlw, the agreed amount of used Tenners are under the tree at the usual co-ordinates (no one will ever look under a tree ) now, keep stumm. You ain't seen me, right?
  12. Hi Hydee You know you're welcome here. Have a cup of tea and a flick through the English - American Dictionary just to pass the time while you are here. Here's a few to get you started:- Easy - (A to E) Sidewalk, trunk, suspenders Moderate - (A to E and E to A) pants, cheerio, lift, trail Difficult - (E to A) irony, understatement Good luck!
  13. Well done - keep making the right decisions. I believe the anonymity was a product of a sadder time and hopefully is now unnecessary and the cover blown. BUT since we are all used to the pen names, why not keep them - for new times sake.
  14. viral marketing - s'pose but I guess you would need a fairly large critical mass. If you are not too particular I might be able to get my hands on some Northern Bank, banknotes I believe defacing coin of the realm is officially illegal, not sure if that applys to notes - which are really a cheque of sorts, promising to pay the bearer etc so although accepted as legal tender I'm not sure of their status. PS just in case someone takes me too seriously - the Northern Bank misplaced a total of £26m recently
  15. He could have saved his dinner money, if it hadn't been in the mittens, which weren't tied with elastic ...
  16. Note to self ... Next handle will be PJs
  17. OK - personal items do appear to be problem, Wlw. BUT as you are better at finding other peoples' losses - my cache for example. So here is a solution - give me all your gadgets etc, I'll give them back on loan and then if you do lose them then at least you will be able to find them again
  18. Guys, I support your decision, I'm sure the choice wasn't easy but be assured that your influence has been for the good and far reaching during your time in post. Sorry to see you go I'm sad. Sad because this group has lost 2 stalwarts of the community. Sad because that loss is due to actions outwith that community. Sad to see Hydee involved again (I know you don't bring trouble, but you do follow it around ) - last time was when we suffered an internal hiatus - In the intervening time, the steady hands of Ecky and Lacto have produced a thriving community - that stands to their credit - I trust that Hydee's Community relations skills were brought to bear on the reviewer/moderator community prior to their use here. Good luck to whoever takes it on, and they have my support - they will deserve it. Sig line should just read "It's dark..."
  19. I genuinely hadn't noticed that - but it's good. I've been around the forums for a while and last night, of all nights, decided to stump up the fee to become a premium member by credit card. Today, an equal amount will go to that cause.
  20. Hi Harry, A good idea, but 2 months too late. I eventually made it up the hill, to complete the event caches and can now say I found all the event caches, rather than anyof the caches finding me That's 2 presents I've had off you now I trust you had a good christmas and are planning the next event on the flat so I can come down and donate some goodies. Bryan
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