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The Lady From Del Monte - She Say Yes!! :)


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Wow!! Talk about "meant to be"! I logged on to my credit card site to check my balance, expecting maybe £20 to be clear - and find they've upped my limit considerably! Phoned to make sure it's not a glitch, and it's true!! icon_smile.gif


Then "discussed" with my wife the reasons we need a GPS (not mentioning the cheaper models, of course icon_wink.gif) and low and behold, SHE SAID YES!!!


Went straight to GPS Warehouse and ordered a nice, shiny, UK-model eTrex Vista complete with Europe Metroguide. It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't wait!! Soon I'll be an "Official" Geocacher, instead of just a wannabe!! icon_razz.gif


Thought I was going to have to settle for the bog standard eTrex - guess the gods were really looking after me today! icon_smile.gif


Keep your eyes peeled - the first East Essex cache will be placed SOON!!! icon_biggrin.gif




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The bog standard Yellow is Cracker,,,,Dont cuss it! You might well be a rich fancy Vista man my friend but I today purchased a Yellow ETrex and what a corker the little minx is too icon_smile.gif BIG UP THE ETREX CREW


WESTSIDE RESPEK! Lets get the party started! xxxx

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Originally posted by Dan Wilson:

may i just quote: "Thought I was going to have to settle for the bog standard eTrex - guess the gods were really looking after me today!" icon_wink.gif


Dan Wilson (Team Dan and Pid)


Do I take it then, you didn't bother getting one of those awesome little yellow boxes that do everything you need to geocache? icon_biggrin.gif

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