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Garmins Memory Costs

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In June I am touring Europe starting in Norway. I hope to get a good number of caches in during my travels icon_smile.gif. However I wanted to upgrade the RAM in my eMap and discovered that a 128 MB module costs £200. Compare that to any other memory technology and it is more than double the cost for the same amount of RAM.


I was wondering if anybody knows if there is another manufacturer production eMap compatible memory and if there are any good websites for purchasing Garmin Memory on the cheap.




Chris Franklin icon_mad.gif

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I think you will will find they have copyrighted the interface technology that these memory cards used so there is no competition. That way they can fleece us. I have even called Garmin and emailed them for what use it will be. I even got a person at Garmin UK to agree they were expensive. She said 'I could not believe it when I saw how much they were being sold for'. Anyway I can save myself 50 quid by getting the Memory from the US. Even more if customs don't get me!


Chris Franklin

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Is it normal RAM or does it need some sort of persistence when you power down the unit. I suspect it's not the same as the RAM you find inside your computer which is part of the reason why it's so expensive.


OTOH - The data cable for my eTrex has a non standard connector which to me seems a trick so they can charge £30 for it.




The second ten million caches were the worst too.

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Originally posted by jeremyp:

OTOH - The data cable for my eTrex has a non standard connector which to me seems a trick so they can charge £30 for it.

Some people in the States have already started moulding their own connectors for making up cables. I think you can pick them up for a couple of dollars or so. Can't find the link right now though.




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