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  1. Hi I've just visited GCMYD6 'Over the Pole North to South' in the UK and collected the location of the second part of this cache in Greerton, Tauranga, New Zealand. I am hoping that there is somebody willing to help me complete this cache by finding the second part of this multi with the waypoint I have collected. There is also another cache similar to this that works in the opposite direction: GCMYWH 'Over the Pole South to North' NZ which I would be happy to complete in exchange (although it seems to have been archived which is unfortunate). If this cache gets fixed I will be more than happy to complete the UK part of it as I live less than a mile from Finchampstead where the main cache is located. Please message me or reply to this post if you would like to join in in completing two unusual caches. Thanks, Chris
  2. I think they suffocated a long time ago. Poor bears. Chris
  3. On behalf of the Geolympix team, a sincere thank you to Chris/Lassitude for his generosity! We'll be adding details of his bear collection to the Bearfest section of the Geolympix website today - along with your picture of them, if that's ok Chris? Congratulations on landing a new job in these challenging times and I'm sure I speak for all of the organisers when I say I hope it goes really well. Thanks again for your support; it's genuinely really appreciated. Especially in light of your -until recent- employment situation. No problems with the photo and glad to be of use. If you want more pics let me know. Thanks Chris
  4. Just as a little update to my situation I have just received my first pay from my new job so I've had a change of heart. I have offered Simply Paul all of the bears to auction/raffle at the Geolympix Mega Event so if any of you are collecting them or want to complete your collections here is what will be added to the event: 4 MK1 Tim and June Bears (1 Copper,1 Gold and 2 Tan) 3x MK2 Tim and June Bears (27, 40, 43 of 100) 4x MK3 Tim and June Bears (3,17,32, 92 of 100) 2x MK4 Tim and June Bears (48 and 98 of 100) All are in their original plastic bags. I took a picture of all of them. It sort of looks like a bear morgue: Thanks, Chris
  5. I created a few of these screensavers in the past. I purchased a piece of sofware to build them which I no longer have. Even if I did I am guessing I would need somthing a bit newer for Windows 7 to enable me to do a new one. I do have the old ones tucked away in my Geocaching folder on my PC so if you want me to do you a replacement of the old discs I can manage that. It would be nice to do one for the mega event. The most annoying thing is the company I have just been laid off from with specialised the CD/DVD duplication and printing. I could have run off a few hundered professionally printed discs for nothing. I'll give it some thought over the next few weeks. If I do go ahead i'll create a new post asking for submissions.
  6. One of the reasons I am having a clear out is to ebay a load of stuff. I was made redundant on Monday as the company I was working for went into liquidation. I have not been with them long enough to get any redundancy so things are going to be bad for me over the next few months if I don't find another job. I'm hoping to raise a bit of cash and I appreciate that in the past these have been auctioned for charity. I guess I could auction them and donate to a homeless charity as I may need it's help if things go bad . The most annoying thing is now that I have time to restart Geocahing hobby I no longer have a car to get me to them (company car has gone back). I got my bike out of mothballs but it's been a few years since I used it and I never remembered it being such hard work. I'm not looking for charity and don't expect the charity auction prices that have been made in the past but was just seeing if anybody would be interested if I did ebay them. I'd also be interested in any offers to save the hassle of posting them on Ebay. I'm glad to see some old names I recognise in the replies. Hello to all of you who remember me. thanks, Chris
  7. Hi I'm not really very active as a Geocacher any more and i've been having a bit of a clear out. I found a bag full of some signature items that some of the 'old timers' will recognise: Tim and June bears. I have the following (all in original packaging) 4x MK1 (2 tan, 1 golden and 1 ginger) 3x Mk2 (27 of 120,40 of 120 and 43 of 120) 4x MK3 2x MK4 (48 0f 100 and 98 of 100) 1x 'Bear wish hunt' bear presented at the Hampshire Geocaching event on 19th July 2003 Is anybody still collecting these? thanks, Chris
  8. I got a Colorado 300 at the end of May and was quite impressed. The power saving is a little annoying but my concerns are about the reliability of the unit. I have had a Garmin eMap since 2002 and it has never missed a beat. When I was on holiday in Switzerland at the end of july my Colorado failed. It would not power on, just flashed up the banner screen then it died. After troubleshooting with Garmin they agreed it was dead and when I got back the exchanged it under warranty. I did not abuse the eMap in any way, although the last thing I did before it failed was to plug it into a USB car charger (Not Garmin). I would suggest people are cautious when using non-garmin cables in your cars, as I think that may have been the cause.
  9. Having suffered cache 'burnout' a few years ago I hung up my GPSr. I've started up again and managed to get my 500th yesterday. So far I have been quite impressed with the quality with the caches I have found. There are a lot of people out there putting a great deal of effort into placing caches in an ever diminishing choice of good locations. Admittedly a lot of caches I did in the early days are now archived but the good ones tend to remain, being adopted by teams when the owner leaves the hobby. In the early days I remember clearing a 30 mile radius from where I lived and as soon as one popped up I would take the first opportunity to go and try to get first to find. When I returned to Geocaching I was shocked at the number that were out there, and getting anywhere near my previous clearance is going to be a real challenge. Anyway I am in danger of waffling so here are my memories of the early days. -Robin Lovelock was a swearword. -A majority of gecaches were in ammo tins -Nobody had seen a geocoin in the UK....Ye gods there are millions of different ones now Anyhow as a returnee I do not think much has changed while I have been away, lots of new people and heaps more caches. thanks Lassitude
  10. I guess a lot of you will not know me, I hung up my GPSr a few years ago. However I have blown the dust off of it and I have booked Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Norden Farm. We'll be bringing our Spaniels and our road snail. thanks Lassitude
  11. Thanks for the pointer. After reading up on this a bit further I am totally discouraged from buying one. I think the Garmin Colorado 300 looks like a better option for me although I sort of liked the idea of linking photos to waypoints which was one of the things the Triton 2000 does (allegedly!). I think when the Triton product range matures and they fix the bugs and get some maps it will be a great GPSr, but in it's current product life cycle it's not an option for me. thanks Chris
  12. Hi I have mixed feelings about upgrading to the Triton 2000. I have been purely Garmin with my previous GPS units and have a few concerns based on user reviews on this GPSr. These reviews were quite early in the product life and reported the following problems: - GPSr hangs regularly - Poor battery life - lack of decent maps Have these issues been resolved yet? As well as this I have a few questions regarding where to purchase the unit. I am a UK resident and the Triton 2000 has not been released here yet (due end of April). I am looking at purchasing a US unit as this will save me a lot of money, however I am not sure if the base maps are hard coded and if there is anything else I need to consider when I purchase a US version of this product for use in the UK. I would also like to take a look at what the maps look like for the UK and Europe. Is there anywhere I can see what they look like? Please could somebody help me with these questions, as I am itching to place an order but do not want to make an International purchase only to find I have got myself a lemon. thanks Chris
  13. Just wondering how many of the people who knew me are still Geocaching? The reason I hung up my GPS was I had bad case of 'Geocaching Burnout', probably down to my obsession with finding every goddam cache that was out there. thanks Chris
  14. Hi As I am no longer a practicing Geocacher I was wondering if it is possible for another team to adopt the caches I have placed? I am looking for teams to adopt the following caches: GC51C1 Roman Remains GC5547 Roman Coins GCJ2HV The Long or Short of it GCD57B Wellingtonia Giants GC706B Roman Road If it is not possible to transfer the caches to another team or there are no takers I will be archiving them. thanks Chris Franklin
  15. I had a summit that was out of Warranty and I dropped it. I managed to smash the LCD display rendering the unit useless. I phoned Garmin and said I had dropped it and it was out of warranty. I added that I was a bit surprised it broke as the GPSR is a summit and therefore is probably used my mountaineers and fell walkers and really should be designed to take a few knocks. They said they would look at it and replaced it for a new one Free of Charge. Very good customer service. thanks Chris
  16. Number 9 my Wife Nicky from Team Lassitude. cheers Chris
  17. Again I would like to say it was a pleasure doing it and thanks to all who contributed. thanks Chris
  18. This has come up in the past. The consenus was no and I think it still is. You are only kidding yourself if you log this as a find. Be honest with yourself, if you did not think it was a dodgy thing to do you would not be asking. I have failed to find caches in Norway, Sweden and Germany whilst on holiday. It's dadgum frustrating but there is nothing that can be done. Chris
  19. Too dadgum right- Ive had to auction one of my GPS recievers for this!!! The postage costs are covered by Ebay!! OK you lot can download it from here: Hidden Treasure IV thanks Chris
  20. So what I am looking for is a multi cache ith an end point along the river Loddon near Old Basing. As it happens I checked the end point of the cache and it is within about 1/4 mile of the waypoint above. Is there any way of viewing archived caches or can somebody shed some light on this? thanks Chris
  21. This is really odd. Whilst caching today I attempted a new one near Basingstoke (GCKD28 Bluebell Woods Cache). This was a normal cache. Anyhow I got a bit lost on the way to the location and in the middle of a clearing in a little wood next to a pond (N51 17.408 w1 1.776) I found what appears to be part of a Multi cache. It is a small Sistema tupperware box - one of those ones with clue locking tabs on the side. The container was opened and discarded along with its contents: A pink slip of paper with the location for a final cache along the river lodden not far from Old Basing. I do not want to give away the location and did not check it personally though I may well do if I cannot get any insight into this with this post. The really odd thing is that I tend to do all the caches in this area. There is only one I did not get to do in Basingstoke and that was One by Team Paradise that is now archived. Can anybody shed any light on this? thanks Chris
  22. Thanks for all the feedback. Don't forget all the waypoints of the featured caches are in a folder on the CD. There should be a format to fit most people. MarcB I will send yours next week. I have your address now thanks to the Email you sent. thanks Chris
  23. You have to think what scoring a find entails: You have searched for and successfully found a cache. Be it a virtual, Locationless (OK you still have to find a matching location even though I think they are a cop-out), or Normal cache. If you know the cache and placed it I think that scoring it because you have handed it over strikes me as point scoring and nothing else. Likewise the person who has adopted them should not be able to score them if you have given the exact loactions (Unless they have already found them of course). Like a lot of things in this hobby it is all based on trust so if you want to score them after they are handed over and the Geocacher who has adopted them wants to score them post passover then that is up to you. Personally I would not count them. thanks Chris
  24. ***I have enough pics now! Many thanks for the contributions*** There are some really excellent photos from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. It will be a large install though- I estimate over 100Mb of pics -about 150 pics in all!!! Sorry I cannot reply individually to to Emails with contributions (I've alway wanted to say that!). I recon it will be two weeks or so before the Screensaver is ready (I am on holiday in N. Yorks National Park next week so I will complete it when I return). All contributors who have provided pics will get a CD in the post after I have re-mortgaged my house I am a little concerned about making sure plenty of copies are available in the North so if I cannot host the file I will post it to a number of volunteers spread accross the North who have CD Burners so they can duplicate it and use it as a swap. thanks Chris
  25. I must agree with the Birders Here- TBs don't count so if you have a TB to put in the cache then leave it by all means but if you want something out of the cache that is not a TB then it is a separate issue. There are a lot of TBs in circulation these days and my guess is the same as other comments here. I recon people must be counting them as swaps. If I see s depleted cache I will add a few items to help restore it but this can become rather expensive. These days I leave my callign card and may take or leave a TB but only swap items if there is something I want. I would suggest you examine the cache logs to see if you can identify the culprits. thanks Chris
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