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lets just say.. time is near..


So getting to stage of who cares..


lets do the business.. Have a bally good time and to hell with normallity.. icon_smile.gif


If yer got it fine if yer aint tuff.. and if yer left it.. prolly don't need it icon_smile.gif


See yer all there icon_smile.gif




Moss the Boss... Sorta

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Originally posted by Lassitude:

A few clarifications here:


<snip - already answered>


2- How many are camping over? Is the campsite oversubscribed?


Lots I suppose, but I doubt it's over-subscribed: there's plenty of room near Crab Wood for all of us happy campers.



3- Is there a timetable of events anywhere?


The event itself starts at 10a.m. and will run until 4.30 p.m. Between those times, the dozen caches hidden by the Bramblers will be available for GMs to find, there'll be a funfair, TheCat with his stall etc, most of which has already been mentioned in this and the many other threads.



4- What facilities are there? Loos and or showers etc....


Loos, no showers. Bring deodorant. Please. icon_wink.gif



5- Are all of the caches within walking distance of the site?





6- Are there restrictions on the site such as 'no naked flames?', No water pistols etc icon_wink.gif ??


Hard to not have naked flames when we're having a barbeque both nights... icon_wink.gif

Water pistols? I believe Tim and June want to "get" me, so I guess you'd better come tooled-up for a show down as well. See #4...



On another note I have completed 'Hidden Treasure III' Geocaching photo screensaver and will be bringing about 20 CDs with me. First come first served.


YAY! I loved the other two, I look forward to getting part 3 mate! icon_biggrin.gif


Any other queries, I guess you could email me and I'll try to answer them. The Bramblers really are very busy indeed now! icon_biggrin.gif


"Woof" quoth he. Oh, and "Grrr" also.



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Originally posted by THE BRAMBLERS:

Originally posted by Mr & Mrs Hedgehog:

Can someone please clarify what is happening with all these offers of help? I've offered on three separate occasions and come up with ideas but I've had no contact from anyone about it, not even an acknowledgement.



Please read the posting at the top of this thread.


In particular :


"On the Friday evening/early Saturday we will allocate helpers in 2 hour slots."


Forgive us for not answering every question but we are extremely busy at the moment. icon_eek.gif


As we wont be able to get there until around 9.30 Saturday morning - please allocate us a 2 hour slot. We can help out with other 'things' during the day but won't be able to stay much later than 5pm.


"Fear is temporary, regret is permanent!"


motley. adj. varied in appearance or character.

crew. n. group of people.

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And the day of Reckoning is upon us (or the day setting up for it anyway)

the largest unveiling of the geocaching community to date! who really lies behind the mask of omally? and who is the Motley Crew?

soon we shall see...

good luck to all those traveling to the event, and others who cant make it due to other commitments... gud luck everyone, lets make it one to never forget!

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Many of us including me appear to be taking 12V electrical fridges, etc, etc. Anyone know how long they last off a full battery?


Although it may be tempting, it might be an idea if we all agree not to leave car engines running on the site in order to be considerate to other campers.


If we want a quick charge, running it around the block may be a better idea.

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