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GPS Upgrade

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I went through the same decisions when I upgraded from my old Garmin GPS 38. The electronic compass was most important as it gives accurate directional readings whilst you are standing still.


Garmin offer the Summit or the Vista (my final choice), but don't forget Magellan range - the Platinum offers a 3D compass which means you don't have to hold the unit horizontal to get an accurate position!


Also, once you have made your choice - SHOP AROUND. Prices on the Vista ranged anything from £289 to £365 when I bought mine back in March.


Team Tate


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Originally posted by Team Tate:

The electronic compass was most important as it gives accurate directional readings whilst you are standing still.

This is very true, but the price difference is such that you might consider the equivalent model without the compass but buying a conventional magnetic compass.


I upgraded from a Summit. The only difference between that (the Summit) and a standard eTrex is the compass and altimeter. I never used the altimeter and the compass functionality could have been provided by a magnetic compass. Knowing what I know now I would have saved the money had i been in the market for a non-mapping GPS.




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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I took exactly the path JeremyP suggests... after much thought, I bought a Garmin Legend, an ordinary compass and the difference in cost paid for the Metroguide Europe software (ouch!)- which is essential to exploit the kit to the full.


The Legend has 8 meg for maps. This is enough for high detail road maps of Norfolk (home), Suffolk, Essex, most of Kent and parts of the neighbouring counties (excluding London). As we use the GPS for cycling to cache sites, this is quite adequate. Modifying the maps stored in the unit is easy. You also get the PC/GPS data lead in the box saving the extra £20 Garmin charges for it.


Bernie Kennedy

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