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Help please maps and co-ordinance

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Hi there

I am setting up a cache, just thaught I would check out the parking and make sure the co-ordinance was right, or as near a damit for the parking any way. But it seems to be way off.

I've been back several times the co-ords are the same, i've even put in my house co'ords and whilst i get lead back time and time again, the maps say I live in the middle of the ocian. What am I doing wrong.


This is how I right the co-ords in 50:49:57 or 50.49571

and for west 00:46:91 or -0,46912


can any one help please.


Multi map says I'm out too, but I can explain it, ive been back time and time again and it reads the same.


Using Garmin Etrex,


Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.

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Originally posted by el10t:

You have made an error in converting from dd:mm:ss to dd.dddd


50:49:57 converts to 50.8325

00:46:91 converts to -0.7919



_mobilis in mobili_


I copied and paisted the co-ords in but still no luck, any suggestions?????


Thoes co-ords always lead me home. but can get an acurate map


Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in celtic tribal city.


P.S. How did you work that out?

My actual GPS Reading is:-

N50­­°49.471 and W000°46912

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You either have your GPS receiver set-up incorrectly for use with 'geocaching.com' where the co-ordinates are given in the format HDDD:MM.MM. OR Multimap is the problem.


You are using the units of Degrees, Minutes and Seconds. Instead you have to set up your GPS receiver to work with Degrees, Minutes and fractions of a Minute.


Seconds differ from ‘Fractions of a Minute’. You can convert between the two and most GPS receivers allow you to select which units you normally work in.


The co-ordinates will always lead you home, as they are set to the correct location but use HDDD:MM.MM (notice the '.' instead of ':').


H = hemisphere and is either N/S or E/W.

DDD = Degrees.

MM = Minutes.

SS = Seconds.


You can convert quickly between the different formats using this spreadsheet:




N 050:49:57 in HDDD:MM:SS becomes N 050:49.950. in HDDD:MM.MM and becomes 50.8325 in HDDD.DDDD


E 000:46:91 in HDDD:MM:SS becomes E 000:47.517 in HDDD:MM.MM and becomes -000.7919 in HDDD.DDDD


Therefore the link below to streetmap.co.uk should centre on your house (on terminus road, near the Chichester bypass). You could also enter: “50:49:57,-0:46:91” into streetmap.co.uk.




On multimap.com I couldn't find where you enter lat,long therefore I searched for terminus road, '1 Matform Business Centre' it was located at

N 050:49:59, W 000:47:34






It maybe you have missed out the '-' for the longitude. This will placeyou in the sea off hastings. EAST of the prime meridian instead of west.




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