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GeoMay8 Day - 2024

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In Australia, "Mateship" is a cultural idiom that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship. It is a concept that can be traced back to our early colonial times. The harsh environment in which convicts and new settlers found themselves meant that men and women closely relied on each other for all sorts of help. In Australia, a 'mate' is more than just a friend and is a term that implies a sense of shared experience, mutual respect and unconditional assistance.


Having said that, the term “mate” can also be used for the first time you meet someone, especially when you don’t know their name. For example, “Excuse me mate, sorry I bumped into you!!” or “Hey mate, are you geocaching?” or when someone needs help, “Hey mate, do you need a hand with that?”


For the last three years, on the 8th May, I’ve held an event to celebrate one of the best things I like about geocaching, the Geo-Mates one meets through this great activity. It’s a time when we can catch up with old Geo-Mates and make lots of new ones, and celebrate that friendship. As many of you have done, I’ve made so many great geo-mates all around the world.


My events are held at a local watering hole here in Sydney, with a very Australian name, The Ettamogah Hotel. Here is a link to this year’s event…

GeoMay8 Day at the 'Mogah – 2024


Now, I thought I would advertise my event via the Geocaching Forums in the hope that others might like the concept of celebrating great Geo-Mates and would consider hosting a GeoMay8 Day Event themselves. It would be fabulous if GeoMay8 Day Events popped up all around the world. Who knows, if the concept catches on, perhaps one day Groundspeak might make this into an annual day such as International Geocaching Day or Earthcache Day. They might even offer a souvenir!! Wouldn’t that be great!!


This year, GeoMay8 Day falls on a Wednesday. My event is a dinner one. Perhaps you could host a half hour event at a local cafe or bar after work. I've hosted events in the city around lunch time and managed to get a few geocaching workers to attend. Whatever works for you. If you do get onboard and host a GeoMay8 Day Event, please post here and let us know about it.


Here’s to a fabulous celebration of great Geo-Mates.



Calypso62 - Down Under 🦘



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I saw "Mateship" and "Geo-Mates" and immediately thought of online dating.   :laughing:   So yeah, that location thing...

Here Sadie Hawkins Day is on November 13th every year. Two days before it's Lil' Abner appearance of November15 in 1937

Al Capp changed the date to November 26, but not until 1977, and it was way-too late by then.   :D

IIRC, some folks tried to change that date to fit their belief that Leap Day is the only time a woman can propose to a man (Irish, I think).

But it's November 13th each year...

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