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Sorry, not sure what category I should use to ask


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My brother, also a geocacher, received personally from the maker, a small handmade coin type item with numbers on it. He received it from  the person who made it while she visited a cache of his, we do not know if it is trackable, I do not think she said. I guess we can try to go through the process of finding  one. I have not yet seen it to see the number . 


Edit Looked at cache page and no trackable shown in it--no room anyway come to think of it.

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If your brother knows who it came from, she'd tell him. He can possibly figure it out by checking out who signed the cache log. If it is trackable, it would have an alpha numeric code with 6 characters. It also should have 'trackable at geocaching .com' or something similar on the coin. You may try  www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=XXXXXX   using the numbers on the coin instead of the Xs. That should let you know if it is trackable and if it is activated.   I'm sure I'm not the only curious one who'd like to see photos. If you do post a photo, please be sure to cover the numbers. Someone may be familiar with the coin.

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