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Description when submitting a cache.


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On 2/28/2024 at 7:42 PM, FoundOneThong said:

is this just a description for the reviewer?


Anything you want to tell the Reviewer goes in a Reviewer Note. There's a field for that when creating the cache listing then you can add logs to the unpublished cache page with the type Reviewer Note. All Reviewer Notes are automatically archived upon publication so other cachers don't see them but Reviewers can see then for reference.

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Thanks, I can see my notes in the log section, I thought it was the reviewers notes? I have also entered a response in the log section for the reviewer to delete all previous logs, can they do this? I can see a 'delete' button when I go into edit for the cache but it will not let me select it. I have not heard from the reviewer and it has been nearly 7 days.

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@FoundOneThong, I can see the two cache pages that you submitted for review on February 29th (which, by the way, isn't "nearly 7 days" ago, but I know it can feel that way whilst waiting to hear from your Reviewer).  


When your cache page is published, all of the previous Reviewer Notes are archived automatically.  Neither you nor your Reviewer needs to remove them manually.

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Hi Keystone, sorry, it does seem to drag out. Being my first hide I was fretting that the answers I put there for the reviewer were going to be seen! I am at ease now :). I was not sure if the entries I did in the log were for general view as the puzzle cache has the answer in it? 



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4 hours ago, Smitherington said:

A week is not unusual.  Be patient.

A full week would be unusual around here.... 


4 hours ago, FoundOneThong said:

It’s now gone past a week since my submission. No questions, all silent now! How do we get caches published?



Have a look in your 'unpublished cache' listing - is the status marked 'in review'. Also have a look at the listing itself - has the reviewer replied to you in a note with questions??

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