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App does not return to last screen after standby


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While walking a lab cache to the next waypoint and putting my (Android) Phone in standby mode the app does not return to the last screen with next waypoint info or what you were looking at for the given lab cache at the moment you put your phone in standby or start looking at another app, e.g. a browser, on your phone. Instead, as soon as you return to the adventure lab app, it starts with the initial splash screen and a tyresome proces of searching for all labcaches within 50 kms and displaying them on a map. This is not only wasting unnecessary data but also is rather annoying if that happens each time. Is this a bug or do I miss a setting to prevent this behaviour?

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1. the app is being booted from memory, most likely your phone is short on working memory (RAM, which is different from storage).  Cameras, browsers, Facebook, Instagram, and others use significant working memory.

2. the app hasn't been written to resume properly when this happens.


Given the app needs an internet connection to return you to the last screen when this happens, it's an atrocious design for areas with no coverage.

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