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Release Notes (Adventure Lab®: Statistics) - October 19, 2023

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Release Notes (Adventure Lab®: Statistics) - October 19, 2023

With this release (version 1.17.0), the Adventure Lab® team at Geocaching HQ introduces statistics to your profile. To access them, just go to your profile, tap Statistics, and you will see:


  • Number of completed Adventures
  • Number of Adventures in progress (at least one Location completed)
  • Number of active Adventures that you own
  • Find count (includes completed Adventure Lab Locations and Geocaching Finds)
  • List of Themes for which you have completed any Adventures
  • List of Themes for which you have not completed any Adventures




Tapping into Completed Adventures, In progress, and My Adventures will show you a list of those Adventures.  




You can then tap any of those Adventures to take you to the Adventure details screen.

Allison (alikelsea), Director of Product, is watching this thread to answer questions whenever possible.

Any posts in this thread should relate to features in this release. Comments unrelated to the release may be removed. Please direct unrelated comments to other appropriate threads. Thanks!

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On 10/19/2023 at 12:01 PM, Geocaching HQ said:

List of Themes for which you have not completed any Adventures


I've already completed an Adventure for every theme, but it would be nice if tapping on an incomplete (or complete, even) theme would open a search with that theme set.

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"Unfinished" would probably be a better category name than "In Progress." The latter implies I will finish them later.


I have 73 completed and 41 "In Progress" but realistically I will probably never complete any of those. I didn't forget them or put them off until later. Mostly, I did a single stage of the Adventure because it was close at hand and the other stages were out of my way so I skipped them. A few times I started the Adventure, but had no interest in finishing.

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