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At 5km/3mi ALL caches show on map - filters are ignored


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When I zoom out with "My Finds" filtered out, I get to 5 km/3 mi and all of a sudden all the caches are displayed (and the filter options are greyed out). I'm using the Geocaching Map display, but it doesn't seem to matter which map I select. This is on the website.

It would be really helpful for me to be able to hides "My Finds" at this level, and possibly the next one (10 km/5 mi).

Can I do this or is this a change required in the coding?



Geocaching Maps - at 2km.png

Geocaching Maps - at 5km.png

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I believe that's not available without a change in the coding.  It's been like that since forever.


As I understand, it's an efficiency thing.  When zoomed in, the servers give you a customized overlay for the map background, showing data (icons) specific to you.  When zoomed out, it switches to generic data that's the same for everybody, eg all caches unfiltered.  It was considered inefficient to provide personalized data at this level.  (Imagine the processing needed if you zoomed out to the entire continent, to quickly skim a million caches to figure out which ones to display specifically for you.)

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I do understand that, I'm not looking for that magnitude, just one or two more steps out. 5km/3mi would be great, 10km/5mi would be awesome, but no more than that. This could be a premium feature. I'm not looking to bog the servers done. The way I do it now (with GSAK) causes more of a strain on the servers then upping the cutoff one or two steps only.

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