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taking it to a new level


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19 minutes ago, paleolith said:

I know that ammo boxes get stolen. So I chained this one to a tree. Unfortunately, I only chained the handle, so someone took the box without the lid.


Where I live, some COs chain the box portion in various ways.  But yeah, the lid still easily comes right off.  And the muggles cut the cable or chain.


I set up an eyelet in the latch so my ammo box could hang securely once hooked closed.  A perfect way to ensure nothing inside gets wet!  Except when the finders were latching it open.  Ya can't win.

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10 hours ago, cerberus1 said:

Kids maybe?


Likely. They would have to figure out how to separate the lid, but that's not hard. And they took all the contents rather than dumping stuff on the ground, but kids in this neighborhood are mostly environmentally conscoius from an early age. I agree, not a cacher -- there just aren't that many around here.


When first placed, the cache was quite hard to find due to dense coral ardisia, a nasty invasive. I had trouble finding it myself several times. The city has used several chunks of grant money to supress the ardisia, so now it's a lot more likely that someone will stumble on it. I accept that I should have altered the hide years ago, but I still think it weird for someone to take the box without the lid.


Next version will have to be smaller and actually hidden, rather that assuming no one will trip over it.

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There was a time in my larger area when another cacher stole someone's ammo cans.  The victim put out another ammo can and wrote his name on the underside of the lid using UV ink or something.  When he came across a new ammo can put out by the person who stole it, he was able to prove to the community what was going on (he already suspected the person and just needed that bit of proof).

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