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Cache has Solution Checker but hasSolutionChecker returns False

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The API call to check if a cache has a solution checker generally works Ok. But the call fails for some caches. For example:

$data = gcapi2("geocaches/GC81P9G?fields=referenceCode,geocacheType,hasSolutionChecker","GET")


Returns false:



But, as you can see, GC81P9G does have a solution checker.


Is this because the the cache page does not have the 'newish' solution checker attribute?


If this is the case, an easy fix would be to update the database to add that attribute if it does not exist for all caches that have the 'newish' Geocaching solution checker.

Or am I missing some non-sensible reason why this API call is returning an incorrect value? :rolleyes:

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4 hours ago, janrei_ said:

Have you tried out whether the checker actually works?

None of the checker's items are clickable. The "checker" doesn't work at all.

Actually the "checker" is just a graphic. A red herring, so to say. :P

The API call gives a correct result.

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